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Exponential Functions


what does the b-value represent in your experiment

what does the b-value represent in your experiment
Exponential Functions


log 1/2 8= -3 write in exponential form

 write in exponential form log 1/2 8 = -3
Exponential Functions Maths Functions Math Help



Please and thanks
Exponential Functions College Algebra Soultion Set


Solving exponential equations-College Algebra

My teacher's office is closed for the day and I just need some help figuring out the best way to do this problem.   Solve the following exponential equation by expressing each side as a power of... more
Exponential Functions


snail race

snail 1 travels at a constant rate of.0001 MPH, snail 2 travels half of the remaining distance to the finish line each hour.  Which snail wins?  Justify using properties of exponential functions
Exponential Functions Algebra 2 Square Roots


What happend to the two?

√(2+e2t+e-2t)=et+e-t    What happend to the √2?
Exponential Functions Extensions


How do you find the equation of an exponential function with only two points, (2,90) and (3,270)?

The two points given are (2,90) and (3,270)
Exponential Functions


What are the steps to solve for x: 3^x = (3/2)x + 3

Exponential equations
Exponential Functions Algebra 1 Social Media


Exponential Functions

Three Algebra 1 students are comparing how fast their social media posts have spread. Ben shared his post with two friends. Each of those friends shares with 3 more everyday, so the number of... more
Exponential Functions Algebra 1


Please Help! Exponential Functions

Three Algebra students are comparing how fast their social media posts have spread. Carter shared his post with 10 friends, who each share with only 2 people each day. Write an exponential function... more
Exponential Functions


Am i missing something?

Suppose that $5000 is invested at an interest rate 9% compounded continuously. What is the balance after 6 years?    i got an answer of 8580.03. Am i wrong? 
Exponential Functions


find f(g(6))

if f(x)=6x-3 and g(x)=1/3x+3    find f(g(6))
Exponential Functions Algebra 1 Exponential Equations


Exponential Function

Determine an exponential function in the form y=Cbx given two points (0,-2) and (1,-6)   the answer is y= -2(3x) but I do not know how that was reached   thank you in advance
Exponential Functions


Algebra 2- Exponential Function

The population of Knox is 48,500 and is increasing at a rate of 2.5% per year. Write an expression for the projected population of Knox after n years. Then, predict the population of Knox to the... more
Exponential Functions


What is the area of the 9th largest square

Jill determines that the area of the largest square is 100 cm2. She notices that each square is one-fourth the area of next largest square. Suppose the pattern continues indefinitely. 
Exponential Functions Exponential Growth


The population of the world was 7 billion in 2013 and the relative growth rate was 1.7%

By what year will the world's population reach 10 billion? I'm confused on how to use the "e" in the formula n(t) = n0 • e ^ (rt) Thanks!
Exponential Functions


Bacteria (help!)

A starting sample of 5000 bacteria decreases in number by 25% per week.Write the formula for an exponential function f(x)=Cax that models this situation.What is C? What is a? What is x? What are... more
Exponential Functions Math Word Problem College Algebra


Create an exponential function of the the form Q= Q_0

The number of restaurants in a city that has a 780 restaurants in 2013 increases at a rate 2.8% per year. (a)Create an exponential function of the the form Q= Q_0 \times (1+r)^t (where r > 0 for... more
Exponential Functions Exponential


Find the value of $150 invested at 9% with interest compounded quarterly for 5 years.

it says to use the formula for periodic growth to solve each problem. All interests rates are stated as annual rates of interest. 
Exponential Functions Calculus Logarithms Solving


125^x + 5^(3x+1) = 400

I've been stuck on this forever. I don't understand how to solve it with multiple terms with different bases. I have to solve for x
Exponential Functions Word Problem Exponential Equations


mabel has 8000 in a bank her money decreases at the rate of 10% every month. How much money will she have after one year?

mabel has 8000 in a bank which is below her required remaining balance. As penalty, her money decreases at the rate of 10% every month. How much money will she have after one year?  
Exponential Functions Sat Math Linear Equations Trignometry



In the equation y = kx, k represents the ____________________. A. constant of change B. variability quotient C. scalar D. constant of variation


exponential equation questions

1.Evaluate log264+log327×log41/254 2.solve for x 2log4(x+4)-log4(x+12)=1 3.solve the equation (cube root256^2)×16^x=64^x-3 4.3x=9^(x^2-1/2) solve for x
Exponential Functions Logarithmic Equation


logarthmic equation questions

1.How long, to the nearest tenth of a year, will it take a $5000 investment to double if the money is invested at 7% interest compounded quarterly? How long will it take to triple the... more
Exponential Functions Algebra 1


Finding the Rate Increase

The equation f(x) = 1,200(1.03)x models the amount of money in a savings account. At what rate per year does the money increase? (x= # of years)

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