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Exponential Functions


Suppose your​ friend's parents invest $15,000 in an account paying 4 % compounded annually. What will the balance be after 10 ​years?

Round to the nearest cent 
Exponential Functions Domain Range Independent Variables


you buy a new car that costs $25000 the car depreciates at a rate of 11% per year

independent variable domain and range 
Exponential Functions Functions From Tables


write a function for this table: (2,20), (3,40), (4,80), (5,160), (6,320).

I know it's exponential but the equation I got (-20(2)^x) doesn't work when plug 3 (and beyond) for x. what am I missing?? Thanks in Advance!!
Exponential Functions


if the population of a town is 1850 was 250 and it increased by 60% every 25 years, what will be the population in the year 2025?

This is an example question I made up. Can you tell me how I would work this out and make a list of steps??? Thanks!
Exponential Functions


A cars initial value is $23000 with a decreasing value of 8% each year. What is the initial value after 3 years

A cars initial value of $23000 is decreasing value of 8% each year. At this rate, approximately what will the value of the car be in 3 years?  
Exponential Functions


Between what two integers does the square root of 411 lie

√411 two integers between that 
Exponential Functions Word Problem Logarithmic Functions


Application of exponential and logarithmic functions

Bacteria growing in a petri dish double every 30 minutes. If the sample has 10 bacteria in the dish initially,(a) write a function to describe the population at time t. Also,(b) find the population... more
Exponential Functions Word Problem Logarithmic Functions


Application of exponential and logarithmic functions

Bacteria growing in a petri dish quadruple every 2 hours. If the sample has 18 bacteria in the dish initially,(a) write a function to describe the population at time t. Also,(b) find the population... more
Exponential Functions


function W(x)=60(5/6)^x , where x is the number of weeks that pass. How many word will the student remember after 3 weeks?

Ms. Klemperer told her English class that each week students tend to forget one sixth of the vocabulary word they learned in the previous week. Suppose a student learns 60 words. The number of the... more
Exponential Functions


x= 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, X represents the number of years. y represents the amount of bacteria. Write an equation in y=a(b)^x form.

What is the y=a(b)^x form of this equation? The amount of bacteria also doubles per each minute. How much bacteria will be present after 20 minutes?
Exponential Functions


y=(1.45)^t/4 What is the rate of change?

Is the rate of change 45%???
Exponential Functions


7=(1/3)^2x-1 What does x equal

Solve for x
Exponential Functions


an exponential function has the form f(x) = ab

an exponential function has the form f(x) = ab2,where     
Exponential Functions Math Exponents


What is the units digit of the sum 1+5+5^2+5^3+5^4+...+5^2012+5^2013?

I am not sure how to find the answer to this. A hint said: first, find the sum 1+5 then the sum 1+5+5^2, then the sum 1+5+5^2+5^3. Do you observe a pattern? Describe what happens and why. 
Exponential Functions Pre Calculus Exponential Growth Ib Maths


Exponential Growth and Decay

Jose takes medication after t minutes, the concentration of medication left in his bloodstream is given by A(t)=10(0.5)0.014t , where A is in milligrams per liter. 1. Write down A(0) 2. Find the... more
Exponential Functions


initially 5000 bacteria in a sample growing at a rate of 8% per hour, determine when the bacteria count reaches 10,000

I know this is exponential growth animi supposed to use y=Ca^x, I'm having trouble getting a solid answer when I plug into the formula 
Exponential Functions


Construct an exponential function in the form f(t) = y0 bt that describes the number of bacteria (in millions) after t hours.

6. A Petri dish containing an estimated 8.3 million bacteria is treated with an antibiotic. After four hours the number of bacteria has declined to an estimated 7.128 million.
Exponential Functions Help Asap Please


Hi I've really been struggling to figure out how to do the last part of this problem

(d) Find the exact value(s) of x such that f(x)=g(x). If there is more than one solution, enter your answers as a comma separated list. And my f(x)=0.75*4^x and my g(x)=8*0.2^x. 
Exponential Functions


A population grows by 5.5% each year. By what percentage does it grow each month? (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

I am working with exponential functions. At first i thought i just needed to divide 5.5 by 12 but the answer shows it is incorrect
Exponential Functions


Write a recursive rule for the exponential function y = 25(0.2)^x

Write a recursive rule for the exponential function y=25(0.2)x
Exponential Functions Algebra


P=f(t) gives the size of a population that begins with 28,000 members and grows at a continuous annual rate of 1.26%.

Find a formula for the population, p=f(t)=.......     I can't seem to figure out how to correctly type the formula for the population.
Exponential Functions


an ant population triples ever 6 weeks. How many times greater is population after 40 weeks compared to 8 weeks?

 Answer asks for base of function.
Exponential Functions


The concentration of a drug in the bloodstream is 300 milligrams er milliliter. After t hours the concentration is 75% of the level of the previous hour.

a) find a model for C(t), the concentration of the drug after t hours   b) determine the concentration after 8 hours


Complex number to exponential form

How do you put the complex number  -2+i  into a form of  e^{ix} ?        with i = sqrt(-1)               x= angle between complex number and the real axis
Exponential Functions Domain And Range


domain and range of g(t)= √(16+7^-t)

I know a square root cannot be negative so  16+7^-t >=0 7^-t>=-16   since an exponential function cannot be negative, can i assume that t is all real numbers? how do i find the range?

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