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The value of the new car purchased for $27600 depricates 10%per year.

Write an exponential decay model for the value of the car.After about how many years will the car be worth half of its purchase price?
Exponential Functions


Exponential function question that I can't figure out how to do.

Given f(1) = 4 and f(6) = 7 find f(16). This is in the exponential functions section of my book, but I can't figure it out.
Exponential Functions


If f(x)= P(0.8)^x, then the quantity f(x) is __________________ at a rate of ______ % per time period x.

fill in the blank
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exponential decay and logarithm

The inverse of exponential growth function y=a^x is the logarithmic function y=log_a(x). But is there an inverse for a decay exponential function y=a^(-x)? and how its graph would be?
Exponential Functions


exponential growth and decay

A family buys a car for $20,000. The value of the car decreases about 20% each year. After 6 yr, the family decides to sell the car. Should they sell it for $4000?
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Exponential Decay

A population numbers 12,000 organisms initially and decreases by 6.4% each year.   A) Suppose P represents the population and t the number of years of decline. An exponential model for the... more
Exponential Functions


retirement options

At age 25 you start to work for a company and are offered two rather fanciful retirement options: • Retirement Option 1 When you retire, you will be paid a lump sum of $25,000 for each year of... more
Exponential Functions Formula Pre Calculus Helpful


Finding a Formula

Find a formula for the exponential function of the form y = a b^x passing through the points (4,-25) and (8,-125). Find exact values for a and b.    
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Can 2^x = x^2 be solved explicitly? I can see that {2,4} are solutions, but the calculator shows a third solution, x=-0.7666647.

2x = x2 How would you solve this?
Exponential Functions


how long will it be til we are one person per square foot of land?

world population is growing at 1.2% per year. the world has 5490232704000000 sqaure feet of land. if the current population is 7.3 billion, how long will it be til we are one person per square foot... more
Exponential Functions


Exponential functions always have restrictions on the range. True or False?

I need to know if there is any exponential function that doesn’t have a restriction on the range, using basic Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus knowledge.
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Please help me solve this exponential equation.

Find C and a so that f(x) = Ca^x satisfies the given conditions.f(0)=3 and f(3)=24I got C=3 and a=2But this is wrong because the answer is: 0,+-√3Thank you for your help.
Exponential Functions


how much is exponential of infinity

Hi..   Please inform me how much would be exponential of infinity


Usethe properties of logarithims to write the expression as a single logarithim, if possible:

2loge4x^4 - 1/6 loge(4x+9)   Note: "e" is that special number 2.718 and I do not have a proper calculator to figure ln or common logs


Solve 3(10x) -1 = 23

Please show all steps. I do not have a proper calculator   If the answer is not an integer, enter it as a decimal rounded to the nearest, hundredth if needed
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A community has 31,500 low-wage workers. Predict how many do not receive paid sick days.

Three out of four low-wage workers in the private sector do not have employer-provided health insurance, while eight out of nine do not participate in a pension plan. Three-fourths of low-wage... more
Exponential Functions


Find the value of a machine at the end of 3 Years

The value of a machine, V, at the end of t years is given by V=C(1-r)^t,where C is the original cost and r is the rate of depreciation. Find the value of a machine at the end of 3 years if the... more
Exponential Functions


exponential function #2

evaluate the exponential function at the specified value of x   f(x)=4x,  x= -4
Exponential Functions Algebra 2 Graphing Logarithms


how do you graph and solve logarithmic and exponential equations

Solving   3e^(-2x)=12   2^(x+1)+3=9   2+ln(x+3)=13   Graphing   2+log2(x+1)   -log1/2x   -2+ln (x-3)   2^(x+1)-3   log2(x+2)+4  
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Log41=______ (fill in the blank)   For parts a and b   let x=Log4 1/16   a) Write the exponential form of the equation. b)Determine the numerical value of x, in simplest form. Show work.  
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word problem help please

Psychologist use and exponential model of the learning process, f(t)=c(1-e-kt) where c is the total number of tasks to be learned, k is the rate of learning expressed as a decinal, t is time in... more


Differentiation Rules for Exponential Functions

how do you find the second derivative of y=e-x^2
Exponential Functions


exponential equation

exponential equationThe retail value of a 2011 15.4" Apple Macbook Pro laptop was $2199.99. The resale value of the Macbook Pro decreases by 13.8% each year. Use this information to complete the... more
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The following formula is incorrect for compound interest with the symbols defined this way, can someone tell me why?

The following formula is incorrect for compound interest with the symbols defined this way, can someone tell me why?     Compound Interest is described by A = P(1+rm)^n, where P is the... more
Exponential Functions Algebra Ii Honors


Compound Interest and Exponential Functions

How much money should you put in a savings account now that earns 5% a year compounded daily if you want to have $32,000 in 18 years?    Would my formula be right going off the model... more

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