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Exponential Math Calculus Derivative


Find the equation of the tangent line to the curve:

Find the equation of the tangent line to the curve f(x)=2x at the point P(0,1) is:


exponential function applications


Derivatives of Exp. Functions

Find the general formula for the nth derivative of f(x) = e^(2x). Using the formula, evaluate nth derivative at x = 2 or f^n(1/2). -----> I got f^n(x) = 2^(n)e^(2x) for the general formula but... more


Exponential Models

The population of a certain city was 120,000 in 2014, and the observed doubling time for the population is 19 years. a) Find an exponential model n(t) = n02^t/a for the population t years after... more
Exponential Precalculus Algebra Graphs


Precalculus Algebra

Carbon-14 has a half-life of 5,730 years. A fossil is found that has 16% of the carbon-14 found in a living sample. How old is the fossil? (Round your answer to the nearest year.)
Exponential Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2


How do I solve this?

Suppose a population of 20 grasshoppers doubles in size every month. How many grasshoppers willthere be after 1 year?I have solved this before, but it is a review and I have forgotten how to do it..;
Exponential Math Algebra 2


How do you know if this is exponential or linear?

Johnny earns $25 each weekend for mowing his neighbor’s yard. He saves this money in a jar andstores it under his bed. What type of function would represent how much money Johnny has in his... more
Exponential Math Algebra 1 Functions


How do I graph exponential functions? very confusing!

Which is the graph of y=2(3/4)^x?Can u please graph this and explain how you graphed it*this is exponential*
Exponential Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2


How do I know if its constant or exponential and how it changed?

Time (year) Investment A (dollars) Investment B (dollars)0 3500 40001 3800 ... more
Exponential Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2


Im confused how to solve this???

Terry is given two salary options by his employer. The first option is a starting salary of $20,000 thatincreases by $500 each year he is with the company.The second option is a starting salary of... more
Exponential Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2


Im confused how to solve this??

The value of a house is modeled by the function H x = 200,000(1.005)^1/3xwhere x is thenumber of years since 2000. By what approximate percent rate is the value of the house increasing peryear?a.... more


How do I solve this??

A newly hatched channel catfish typically weighs about 0.06 gram. During the first 6weeks of life, its weight increases by about 10% each day. Write a function to model thesituation. How much does... more

How do I find the years? without a graphing calculator??

A fully loaded Toyota Forerunner sells for 42,000. It depreciates 12% per year from the date of purchase. How many years will it take to be worth half its purchase price?I have found this... more


How do I create exponential equations?

A colonial settlement started with 500 people and food sources adequate to feed 500 people. They are able to expand their resources to feed 30 additional people each year. The population is growing... more


How to solve the following exponential equation

5*2x-7=10How to solve?

Growth and Decay Problem

After the release of radioactive material into the atmosphere from a nuclear power plant in a country in 1984, the hay in that country was contaminated by a radioactive isotope (half-life 5 days).... more
Exponential Math Precalculus Algebra


The dimensions of a piece of paper used to wrap a rectangular package are x and 2x−1inches. What is the function with the dimensions that result in the maximum area for the wrapping paper?

Determine the type of function--exponential, linear, or quadratic-- that is most appropriate to model the situation described. Then, use the chosen function model to complete the problem.
Exponential Calculus Linear


Is f (x) = 4x + 3 linear, exponential or neither



Determine if each function is an example of exponential growth or decay? Explain how you came to your conclusion.

a) y= 2(0.3)^xb) y= 1/2(5)^xc) y= (5/4)^xd) y= (2/7)^xe) y= 4(1.8)^x f) F(x)= 2(0.6)^x
Exponential Trigonometry Log


Compute the exponential (exp) of y = [ln(0.5), ln(1), ln(e)]

I am confused as to what answer they are looking for. I have tried a few things and I don't know which one is right.
Exponential Algebra 1


the value of a textbook is 79$ and decreases at a rate of 15% per year

the value of a textbook is 79$ and decreases at a rate of 15% per year

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