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Logarithmic Equation Algebra 2


Solving Logarithmic equation

(1/(log2(x+2)2) + (1/(log2(x-2)2) = 5 /12
Logarithmic Equation


Using formula Nt = N0 x 2^n Calculate amount of time it takes for 1 cell that divide every 5 hours to make 8.8 x 10^14 cells

When I try to calculate the log2 8.8 x 10^14 = n, I get approximately 50 divisions as my answer. Shouldn't I be able to get 8.8 x 10^14 if I now substitute 50 as n in 2^n power? I get a slightly... more
Logarithmic Equation Explanation


Solving logarithmic equation

52x-(51+50).5x+51=0And my answer just simply rewrite into (5x)2-6.5x+5=0And then write into (5x-1)(5x-5),why?What's the process between (5x)2-6.5x+5=0 to this equation?


Log 1000 - log 1000 with common base as 3

plz help to solve this question
Logarithmic Equation


E=1.4(logC 2 - logC1) if C2 is three times C1 what is the answer to E

Energy equation
Logarithmic Equation


help with logarithmic problem

Logarithmic Equation Equations Math Help Logarithms


Logarithim Question

Solve the Equations   1.log x=6   I got 100,000 but I am just checking to see if I am correct   2. log(lower)5 (regular)5^3   I got 3  

(a) 6^2x = 250 (b) log3 (x-3) + log3 (x-7) = 4

Round answers to four decimal places.
Logarithmic Equation


How long would it take in years, for $5500 to grow to $9000 at 7.5% annual interest compounded monthly

How long in years


When evaluating exponential equations using logarithms, why do we need to isolate the variable first?

For example,   3e^(2x)=1821   The correct solution would be,   1. Divide 3 on each side, thus         e^(2x)=607 2. Take the natural log on both sides:          lne^(2x)=ln607 3. Eliminate... more
Logarithmic Equation Logarithms


Logarithm Equation

What is x in the equation log1/2 (1/9)=log2x2 
Logarithmic Equation Precalculus Pre Calculus Population


The population P (in thousands) of Pittsburgh, PA from 2000 to 2003 can be modeled by P=2430e^ -0.0029t where t represents the yr, with t=0 corresponds to 2000.

Question: What were the populations of PA in 2000 and 2003?   Answer: 2000: 2,430,000, 2003: 2,408,950   Can someone please explain/list to me the steps to finding these answers?
Logarithmic Equation


0.5t=ln(1.5t+20) solve for t

Logarithmic Equation Word Problem Exponential Equations


Solving exponential and logarithmic equations

A certain form of bacteria doubles every two hours. If a sample begins with 3 bacteria,(a) write a function to describe the population at time t and,(b) find the population a t = 2 hours
Logarithmic Equation


Logarithmic equation in chemistry

Hi! If i have boric solution (Mvb) and it contains (p%) of boric acid. How much i have to add boric acid (Xb) so that the solution have (P%) of boric acid? Only using these letters to make an... more
Logarithmic Equation


Math problem in chemistry

Electomagnetic radiation equation in task A)   I(x) is radiation emitted through the material layer intensity (W/m2) u is absorption coefficient (1/mm) x is thickness   A)From the I(x)=I0e-ux... more
Logarithmic Equation Pre Calculus Logarithmic Functions


Solve Logarithms

Solve Log327+Log81/8-Log164=Log4x
Logarithmic Equation Logarithms


Condense the expression to a single logarithm.

ln x + 2 ln y + 1/4 * ln z
Logarithmic Equation


A=p(1+r/n)^tn and A=Pe^rt

Which is a better plan for investing $10,000 for 8 years?  Plan A: 4.5% Compounded continuously or  Plan B: 5.5% Compounded daily? Rewrite in logarithmic form:2^4=16 Solve the log... more
Logarithmic Equation Logarithms


Rewrite equation in logarithmic form. - Show Work.

Equation: 192 = 361   Choices:   A) log361 19 = 2   B) log361 2 = 19   C) log19 361 = 2   D) log19 2 = 361
Logarithmic Equation


logarithmic equation log2(x+4)+log2(x+7)=2

solve the logarithmic equation log2(x+4)+log2(x+7)=2   Please Explain
Logarithmic Equation Precalculus Equation Logarithms


Solve the equation

log2 3 + log2 x = log2 5 + log2(x − 2)
Logarithmic Equation


Rewrite as a logarithmic equation e^3=x

Need a answer 


Solve for x. Round to the nearest thousandth if necessary.

log2 x + log2 (x-2) = 3

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