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Logarithmic Equations Algebra 2


What will the two equation's solutions give?

1.) log4(x-6) + log4(x-4) = 4 2.) 6e6x - 3 = 0I don't understand it at all, so any explanation provided would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time!
Logarithmic Equations Algebra 2 Algebra Log


Logarithmic Equation

9.22t+1=11.3t. Round the answer to the nearest thousandth. 
Logarithmic Equations Algebra Math Help Logarithms


Solve each of the following equations.

Solve for x. (Note: Further simplification may occur in step (b).) Write the answer in terms of natural logarithms, unless no logarithms are involved. Rewrite the answers to each individual... more
Logarithmic Equations Math Algebra Math Help


Solve each of the following equations. Write all answers in simplest form.

log6x+log6(x+1)=1   log6(x+2)+log6(x+3)=1
Logarithmic Equations


Write as a single logarithm : log 3x - 2log x + log(x +3)

Write the following separate logarithm as a single logarithm : log 3x - 2log x + log(x +3) All the log is to the base 2.
Logarithmic Equations


How to solve: ln 2x+3(ln x-ln y)

I do not understand how to solve logarithmic equations. The topic is very confusing to me. I really need help.
Logarithmic Equations



write 4log11 5-5log113 as a single logarithm
Logarithmic Equations Inverse Functions


Solve ln(x+3)^5 +9 =19. If the answer is not an integer, enter it as a decimal. Round to the nearest hundredth, if needed.

Please show steps. I do not have a proper calculator so please do not tell me to use one to solve...thanks
Logarithmic Equations


3x^ln5=5y^ln3 and x^ln3=y^ln5

both are simultaneous equation.find the value of x and y.thankyou
Logarithmic Equations Algebra 2 Graphing Logarithms


how do you graph and solve logarithmic and exponential equations

Solving   3e^(-2x)=12   2^(x+1)+3=9   2+ln(x+3)=13   Graphing   2+log2(x+1)   -log1/2x   -2+ln (x-3)   2^(x+1)-3   log2(x+2)+4  
Logarithmic Equations


128^(4x+1)+2 = 10

please show all steps to get x alone. answer is -1/7

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