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Calculus Problem Read Description

Use the logarithmic differentiation process to PROVE the “scalar multiple” rule for derivatives.

Why is log(-527) not able to be evaluated

Dave was trying to use a calculator to evaluate log(-527)but he kept getting an error message explain why his calculator would not provide a value for log ( -527)


Compute the exponential (exp) of y = [ln(0.5), ln(1), ln(e)]

I am confused as to what answer they are looking for. I have tried a few things and I don't know which one is right.


how to solve this kind of question logx + 2x = 4. how to solve for x here

 I want to solve for x here


Solve the equation: 27^(1−x)= 81 without using logarithms.

Don't use log


Solve the equation: 271−x = 81 without using logarithms.

Do not use log



simplify log(3x(y)(1/3))+log(y(1/3))


Find the value of

log 8 base 3÷( log 16 base 9 ×log 10 base 4) Options: 1. 3.log 2 base 10 2. 7.log3 base 10

Worded indicies problem- Find temperature of liquid

When a liquid is placed into a refrigerator, its temperature T°C at a time t minutes is given by the formula T=T*10^-kt The temperature is initially 100°C and drops to 40°C in 5 minutes. Find... more


Write an equation for option 2 and find how much money would you make on the 30th day.

Suppose a retired professor who lives next door offers to pay you to work for him for the next 30 days. He says he will pay you $500 per day (option 1), or if you would like, he will pay you $0.01... more


evaluate log expression

log x^(6/5)*y^(4/5) given that log x=2, log y =3. log 2 =0.3, and log 3=0.48 the answer is 24/5 but I dont know what to do after getting rid of the radical


Applied logarithmic equation.

How many years will it take an investment to increase in value by 50% if interest is compounded semiannually at 8%. 

Logarithmic Equation

9.22t+1=11.3t. Round the answer to the nearest thousandth. 


Logarithmic Equation

log base 9.2 of 11.3^t is 2t+1. Answer to the nearest thousandth and show your work. 


Logarithmic Equation

log(1-y) + log(4-y) = log(18-10y)


Solve this equation for x

Solve x = log1.75(68)


log 3 base 2 × log 5 base 10

Laws of logarithms
Log Absolute


How would I grapg this logarithm if the x is absolute ?

y=log2 |x|    I dont understand because wouldnt there be two graphs for this instead of one? Also, if i were to find the table of values , what would it be ? 


Solving log

Hi, I need help solving the log base x raised to (-1/2) = √3   Logx√3 = -1/2
Log Functions


Write as a single logarithmic function: ln(x^2-4) - ln(x+2) + 2ln(x)

Can you show the steps of how you get this answer... Thank you.


Which of the following is equivalent to 2^4 =16?

Which of the following is equivalent to 2^4 =16?Select one:A. log4^16 = 2B. log2^4 = 16C. log2^16 = 4D. log4^2 = 16


The half-life of krypton-85 is 11 days. How long will it take for 6.3% of a given amount of krypton-85 to be left?

 this question involves solving with logarithms and exponentials

how do I solve the equation 2^(3x+1) = 8^p

How do I solve the above equation for x in terms of p? Please show the steps in working it out. thanks.

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