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Roman Empire European History


How did the roman lost control over western Europe


What impact did the migration of Germanic tribes have on languages in the rest of Europe?

I am currently looking for information about the migration of the Germanic tribes, and especially it's effects on European languages, or other languages. Google Search provided me information... more
Roman Empire European History Europe


Who were the Huns and/or Xiongnu?

Who were the Hun people who made several appearances in Eurasian history? Were they Finno-Ugric, Paleo-Siberean, Mongolic or Turkic? Were the Hun who attacked Roman Empire extensions of the... more


Did the Romans see Africa as a black continent? Was there a perception of a divide between Africa and Europe?

Nowadays the Western world perceives Africa as the continent of the black people and hence a standard African person as a black individual. How did the people in the Roman empire perceive the... more
Roman Empire Geography Cartography


What was an upper and a lower region?

What made a region an upper, or superior region, or a lower, or inferior region? Examples: - Upper and Lower Egypt - Upper and Lower Austria - Moesia Superior and Inferior - Upper Volta (now... more

Explain how the feudal system restored stability to Europe.

Explain how the feudal system solved social, political, and economic chaos in the wake of the Western Roman Empire and restored stability to Europe. Include as much details as possible.

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