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Benji G.

asked • 27d

I need help understanding this phrase

Here is a conversation:

Albert: “Why have you been giving me the cold shoulder all week?”


Edison: “You noticed already? Wow, you’re a real Einstein tonight.”


Albert: “Alright I’m done cozying up to your thorns, what’s going on?”


Edison: “Being the real breadwinner, I thought you’d have a bit more sympathy for me and not ruffle my feathers any more than you have.”


Albert: “If you’re going to keep beating around the bush, I don’t know if we have anything more to talk about.”


Edison: “I’m surprised you even want to talk to me- instead of your little Monica Lewinsky down on 42nd street.”


Albert: “Are you talking about Gina? She’s the virgin Mary as far as I’m concerned. She’d never hurt a fly, let alone someone I love.”


Edison: “Why don’t you just swallow your pride and be honest.”


Albert: “I might as well be on the penny!”


Edison: “Sabrina swears she saw you two dancing around in your birthday suits.”


Albert: “I wouldn’t put it past her to lie about something like that, although she’s known for being a squealer.”


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Jesse E. answered • 27d

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