Tomy A.

asked • 11/09/19

the mean of a sentence in English

hi everyone . i have problem to understand a sentence which i bold it in the following text, i'm appreciate help me to catch the mean : ( its about a family who running a park business )

WOMAN : So have you finished your development of the site for the moment?

MAN : Not at all! We're constantly looking for ways to offer more to our visitors. The railway remains the central feature and there's now 1.2 kilometres of the line laid but we'd like to lay more. Because of the geology of the area, our greatest problem is digging tunnels. But we're gradually overcoming that. We're also very pleased with a new installation of the Go-Kart arena which is 120 square metres in area. Again the problem  is the geology; we had to level the mounds on the track for safety reasons. We wanted to enable 5–12 year olds to use the go-karts. And the main attraction here is the Formula 1 Kart. We've known fights to break out  over who gets it! And then finally to our most recent development which is the landscaped ...

Kyle W.

I assume you are asking for the meaning of the bolded (red) sentence. The "Man" is simply illustrating how popular the Formula 1 Go-Kart attraction is by giving an example. According to him, It is so popular, that sometimes people actually fight over who gets a particular go-Kart because they're so excited about participating in the attraction.


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Tomy A.

hi . thank you all for the answers. yes dear olya , using the word "mean" was incorrect . i'm still try to improve my english skills.


Olya T.

Of course, you are welcome, Tomy! I would love to help you improve your English skills. :) (And yes, the sentence is also confusing to me because it is incorrect!)


Kat A. answered • 11/14/19

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