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Statics And Dynamics


Determine, correct to the nearest degree, the angle between two forces of magnitude 19N and 21N, If the resultant of the two forces has a magnitude of 37N

Please help me with this question.........having some difficulty
Statics And Dynamics Physics Forces


Force between two objects

The force of gravity between two small masses A and B when placed very near each other is 3.24x10^-7 N. What will the force between these objects be if both of their masses are doubled and the... more
Statics And Dynamics


Calculate the reactions of the two smooth inclined planes against the cylinder shown. The cylinder weighs 100lbs.

The cylinder rest on 40degrees on the left side and rests on 30 degrees on the right. 
Statics And Dynamics Forces Equilibrium Mechanical Physics


equilibrium of turning moments

Statics And Dynamics Work Energy


Dynamics work and energy

why are there different formulas used for work-energy in dynamics?
Statics And Dynamics Physics


How can I calculate the strain in a rod of a pnuematic cylinder when a side load is applied? The cylinder is mounted horizontally and the load vertical.

The rod is stainless steel and is fully extended.
Statics And Dynamics


Given Positon s(t). Determine the total distance traveled by the particle

The position of the particle is given by s = (1.28t2−6.4t+6) m where t is in seconds.   Determine the total distance traveled by the particle when t=7.2s.  


A group to be surveyed is randomly selected from employees who have been with the company for 5 years. Name the type of sampling used and is the sample biased?

A company conducts a survey every spring to measure the morale of its employees. A group to be surveyed is randomly selected from all employees who have been with the company for exactly 5 years.... more
Statics And Dynamics Math Statistics Math Help


Principle, a distribution of means

1) In principal, a distribution of means can be formed by A) calculating the mean of all the possible samples of a given size and dividing it by the variance. B) using the sample's mean and... more

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