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What makes matter change from one state to another

what makes matter change from one of the 3 stage (solid, liqui, gas) to another 


Which of the following observations provide evidence that the air filling the syringe is matter

A. Plunger cannot be pushed all the way to the end B. The atudent can see all the way through the stringe. c. The volume reads 5 ml on the syringe


What is the constant of variation, k, of the direct variation, y = kx, through (–3, 2)

What is the constant of variation, k, of the direct variation, y = kx, through (–3, 2)  


Write the formula + include ALL states of matter (Show Work Please)

Aluminum nitrate in solution reacts with aqueous potassium hydroxide to produce aluminum hydroxide and potassium nitrate


A substance is matter that has a definite composition

This is a true or false question


number of molecules in 0.2 mole ammonia gas

Determine the number of molecules that can be found in 0.2 mole ammonia gas
Matter Chemistry


States of matter doubt

16g of oxygen at 37°C is mixed with 14 g of nitrogen at 27°C, the temperature of the mixture will be?


State of Matter Change

State Change: Liquid to Solid. Name: Freezing. Energy: Less. Particle Motion: Slower. Heat: Released.   State Change: Gas to Liquid.    State Change: Gas to Solid.   State Change: Solid to... more


A 10.0-gram sample of H2O(l) at 23.0°C absorbs 209 joules of heat. What is the final temperature of the H2O(l) sample?

Find the final temperature go the H20(l) sample.

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