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Can magnetic forces be faster than the speed of light?””

Theoretically, if there was a magnet that was strong enough, would it be able to pull an object faster than the speed of light?

[Special relativity] How can time be dilated for radio wave signals?

So I came across this multiple choice question on an exam whose answer I cannot understand no matter how hard I try, and its stressing me out. This is it word for word.Spacecraft S66 is travelling... more
Light Physics


what is the meaning of Optical?


How to convert between lux and exposure value?

How to convert from an [exposure value][1] to [lux][2]? Thanks! i.e. what's the formula behind [this chart][3]? [1]:... more


Why does a lightsource postpone the time it takes for the leaves falling from a birch?

It is autumn and the leaves have already left their trees on all birch and other trees that has leaves, except one. This birch has a spotlight pointed to the tree and it is on 24/7. I have... more

Finding an angular resolution be for light with a wavelength

A space telescope had a diffraction limited angular resolution of 0.08" for light (542 nm). What would the angular resolution be for light with a wavelength of 2.8 μm? Report your answer to three... more


Finding amount of light.

A 1.22 m telescope can gather a given amount of light in 1.5 hour. Under the same viewing conditions, how much time would be required for a 4.26 m telescope to gather the same amount of light?... more

Physics: Reflection of LIght

A basketball player of height 2.60 m is standing 2.90 m in front of a convex spherical mirror of radius of curvature 3.00 m. Determine the size of the image.Im confused on how to solve this without... more


Doppler Shift of Light

A hydrogen line in a star's spectrum has a frequency of 6.17*10^14 Hz when stationary. In Rigel's spectrum, it is shifted downward by 4.26*10^10 Hz. What is Rigel's velocity relative to us?

Diffraction Grating

Violet light (410 nm) and red light (685 nm) pass through a diffraction grating with d=3.33*10^-6 m. What is the angular separation between them for m=2?


Diffraction Grating

Light is shone on a diffraction grating with d=2.25*10^-6 m. The first order (m=1) maximum occurs at an angle of 15.7 deg. What is the wavelength of the light in nanometers? 


Interference of Light help?

Light passing through a double slit with separation d=3.33*10^-5 created its first minimum (m=1) at an angle of .551 deg. What is the wavelength of the light in nanometers?   I thought I was... more

Interference of Light help?

Light passing through a double slit with separation d=6.42*10^-5 creates it's first maximum (m=1) at an angle of .396 deg. What is the wavelength of the light in nanometers?    
Light Physics


Physics Question on Stars

A new star is discovered to be approximately 1 light year from Earth. When measured on Earth it has intensity of 1.34x10^-1 Wb/m.  a) How long does the light ray take to reach us from this... more


optic science

Q monochromatic light is refracted from air into a medium of refractive index n. The ratio of the wavelengths of the incident and refracted waves is. A. 1:1                       B. 1:n C. n:1  ... more


Red light has a longer wavelength than blue light. - Answer questions, Explain Please

Red light has a longer wavelength than blue light.   Which of these colors has the higher frequency?   Which of these colors has the higher energy?

Why does each gas show a colour only when electricity was passed through the discharge tube

we used an apparatus containing a power source and gas discharge tubes we then looked through diffraction grating and observe the spectra produced by each gas discharge tube



The question is what is the weight of Orange (590 nm) in nanograms (ng)?   What is the answer to the question and how would you find this?  

Can someone please help me with LIGHT WAVELENGTHS??! BIOLOGY/CHEMISTRY

Hello. I am struggling a bit with understanding the concepts of transmission, absorption, and reflection, and was wondering if my thought process is correct for these questions.   1. What can be... more

Questions about Physics?

I want to ask these quesyions concerning about Light in Physics:   1. What are some properties, fundamentals, important things or anything that needs full attention in light? 2. What is there in... more


How can light have momentum?

So, I have been watching a lot of videos on physics, and a few of them have eluded to the fact that light has momentum. For instance, minutephysics video "E=MC2" is incomplete states that the full... more


What light is reflected if a certain light was shined on a certain pigment?

Mixing Lights & Pigments - If the light of the color is shining on the pigments, what light will be reflected, if any?   I have put what I thought is the correct light being reflected. I... more

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