Asked • 04/21/19

When you read, do the letters move?

Look at the letters and tell me if they are moving. If so we need to try another method of learning to read.

Connie Y.

I would suggest an eye exam for glasses before making such a determination.


Peggy B.

Yes one would. They have had an eye exam and this would be consultation with an ABA Specialist and an eye doctor. I am dyslexic and I wear glasses and my letters till fall off the page. So that is why I suggested this. The brain is an unique and wonderful place we don't completely understand.


Sue H.

Actually, while an eye exam is a good start, the letters seem to move because of the muscles that control the movements of the eye. I would suggest having an evaluation conducted by a vision therapist who looks at much more than acuity. Color overlays may help, but to do more than a band-aid bypass strategy involves the hard work of training the eye muscles to hold the eye properly while reading. Yes, dyslexia is involved in visual discrimination and reading is a visual task, but dyslexia is now known to be more associated with auditory processing. Both visual issues and auditory issues could require another method of reading instruction or cognitive training to deal with the root causes interfering in the learning to read process. There are many programs claiming to provide reading instruction for dyslexia, but the main thing to look for is systematic, multisensory phonics.


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Deborah P. answered • 06/04/19

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