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Payment for special education tutoring using HSA

We have been using Wyzant for almost 4 years now for our son's Dyslexia tutoring. Health Savings Account (HSA) and IRS rules allow for payment of special education tutoring via the HSA card. He... more


how does the payment to the tutor work



if i have a past due bill of 1,296.82 and i pay 350.00 a month how ling will it take to catch up

The bill is still due if 211.00 every 2 weeks 


How do i make a payment

Hello, I added my credit card information, but am not seeing a way to pay the tutor.  Will that happen automatically?  Thank you, Don


How to pay

I don't understand how to pay my tutor so I can start lessons


I'm a new student, wondering about payment.

How does payment work? If $40/hour, do I pay $40/hour or $40/hour plus 7% fee? Can I do lessons in 15 min increments, so $20 for 30 min and $30 for 45 min?
Payment Math Loan


Please Help!

A loan of $4,700 at 6.60% is to be repaid by three equal payments due four, six, and eight months after the date on which the money was advanced. Calculate the amount of each payment. Use the loan... more
Payment Math Loan Marilyn


Payment Question

Marilyn was supposed to pay $1590 to Bernice on March 15. Some time later Marilyn paid Bernice an equivalent payment of $1640.83, allowing for a time value of money of 2.7% compounded monthly. When... more


How do I pay my tutor. I don't want a package and CC is registered

As above.

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