Asked • 04/06/19

How to avoid repetitive sentences? (Describing actions, he/she)?

I was just wondering if anybody had some tips on how to avoid repetitively describing characters' actions in the same way? Here is an example which I'm struggling to reform, mostly because I keep using 'he/she did this' etc as I'm sure you can tell:> “Oh, of course!” She urged, taking the snacks from his arms and moving aside to allow him in - remembering that there was an actual reason why he was meant to be there.He entered, thoughtfully glancing around the place and taking it in. He circled the room for a few moments in inspection, barely easing her nerves as she locked the door and moved towards the seats she’d placed out around a canvas in the centre.“Where should I sit?” He asked suddenly. She sat down, caution in her voice as she guided him to the chair opposite. “Just here, please.” Do you think I should describe the characters' emotions more than their actions?Or is that too cliche? I've always struggled with dialogue/action, so I'd love your opinions! Hopefully you can understand where I'm coming from. Thanks so much in advance!

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Chelsey E. answered • 04/07/19

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