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Buoyancy and Fluid Statics

Hello! I need help with this question please. I solved it and found that Fb in water is 4.704 Newtons. Doing the same to find teh apparent weight in alcohol, I found that that equaled 0.98784... more
Buoyancy Physics Density


Physics question (density, buoyancy)

In order to make air float, which of the following needs to be done?Does it’s density need to be made smaller, does it need to be heated, does its volume need to be increased, or does any of the... more


What atomic forces are acting to resist me pushing an air filled bottle underwater?

Yes air is less dense than water but how does the bottle know to rise or indeed to move? It's not electromagnetism I think. Does this have a relation to gravitational forces? Is it to do with the... more

What is the basic reason behind buoyancy?

Yesterday my friends and I were solving this easy-looking question: > A metal cube is placed in an empty vessel. When water is filled in the vessel so that the cube is completely immersed in... more


Why does a helium filled ballon move forward in a car when the car is accelerating?

I noticed that when I had a helium filled, latex ballon inside of my car, it moved forward in the cabin as I accelerated forward. The faster I accelerated forward, the faster the ballon went from... more


Physics: multiple choice (Density and buoyancy)

In considering density and buoyancy, a helium balloon floats in air even as wood floats on water. A father was bringing home balloons for a party and had attached the balloons to the seat of a van... more
Buoyancy Physics


how does a hot air balloon stay at neutral buoyancy?

i have to explain this on a paper and i dont know how to start

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