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Density Equation


A pumpkin has a volume of 10 cm3 and a mass of 8 g

Has to be a density answer 
Density Equation


A piece of metal is in the shape of a cylinder with the height of 5.62cm and a diameter of 1.34cm. If the magnesium sample has the mass of 13.77g,

what is the density of the sample   
Density Equation


please help! density equation!

If you dissolve 300 g of salt in 10 litres of water, what is the density of that solution of salty water? In this particular example, assume that the total volume doesn’t change when salt is added... more
Density Equation


Density of Cube?

The density of a cube that measures 4cm on each side and weighs 96 grams is ______.
Density Equation


Density Of Cube?

The density of cube that measures 3cm on each side and weighs 54 grams is ______.
Density Equation Math Maths Density


Alloy Question

An alloy is made from a mixture of gold and silver. The density of gold is 19.3 g/cm^3. The density of silver is 10.5g/cm^3. A ring is made from the alloy. The mass of the ring is 10g and its... more
Density Equation Physics Metric Conversions


A rectangular container measuring 33 cm cross product 54 cm cross product 59 cm is filled with water.

A rectangular container measuring 33 cm cross product 54 cm cross product 59 cm is filled with water. What is the mass of this volume of water in kilograms and grams? (Take the density of water to... more


Probability Function

The probability density function f(x) of a continuous random variable X is:   f(x)={ -kx, If -1<x<o       ={k, If o≤x<1, where k is a positive constant.       ={o, otherwise. I, Graph... more
Density Equation Math Word Problem


Honors Chem Question.

What is the mass of an iron bar if its dimensions are 45.0mm by 10.0cm by 0.0400m and iron has a density of 7.20g/cm3.   I got 13.0 grams as the answer. I just need an answer to check my work... more
Density Equation


caculate the density of a material that has a mass of 52.457 g and a volume of 13.5cm^3

whats the density of this word problem ?    
Density Equation Density


find thee density in g/cm^3 and g/ml of gasoline if 9.00 liters have a mass of 6120g

i was asked this in physical science 
Density Equation Math Physics Mathmatics


Physics: What is the density of the unknown liquid?

A 85.0 g bottle is filled half full with 1.00 L of water. It is filled the rest of the way will an unknown liquid. The total mass of this full bottle is 1.75 kg, what is the density of the unknown... more


The density of lead is 11.34g/cm^3 and the density of aluminum is 2.69 g/cm^3. Find the radius of lead and aluminum spheres each having a mass of 60kg

I have  11.34=60/v=680.4 2.69=60/v=161.4 then 680.4=(4/3)3.14v^3 and 161.4=(4/3)3.14v^3 it says I keep getting the wrong answer. Do I need to convert the kg to g for the density equation?... more

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