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find gravitational force

A planet has ? the density of earth but 2x the radius. find the surface gravitational force on this planet. (Hint: Earth’s is 10N/Kg)
Density Chemistry


Dencity? Is the log oak or pine?

It displaces 2.7 gallons of water and weighs 19.8lb. (Density of oak=0.9g/cm^3; density of pine =0.4g/cm^3.


Density Word Problem Help

Silver has a density of 10.5 grams/cm3 and gold has a density of 19.3 grams/cm3. Which would have the greater mass, 5cm3  of silver or 5cm3 of gold?


Find the slope of the string

A certain string has a linear mass density of 0.25 kg/m and is stretched with a tension of 25 N. One end is given a sinusoidal motion with frequency 5 Hz and amplitude 0.01m. At time t=0, the end... more


And here's the flask

A flask has a mass of 54.12 g when empty and 180.27 g when filled with water. the density at 22.1°C is 0.997747 g/ml. when the same flask is filled with an unknown liquid, the total mass of the... more


What happens to the change carrier density

If the current carried by a conductor is doubled what happens to  a)the charge carrier density  b)the current density  c)the electron drift velocity  d)the average time interval between... more


What must be the length and the diameter of this wire?

Suppose you wish to fabricate a uniform wire from a mass m of a metal with density Pm and resistivity p. If the wire is to have a resistance of R and all the metal is to be used, what must... more

How does contamination of water in a volumetric pipet affect density when calculating the density of an unknown substance?

Before getting to my question, I will state some background information that isn’t necessarily relevant to my question.In our chemistry lab, we initially calibrated how much water we delivered on... more


Calculate the electric field inside and outside the sphere.

A sphere of radius a carries a volume charge density rho = rho-sub-zero(r/a)**2 for r < a. Calculate the electric field inside and outside the sphere. (N.B.: rho-subscript-zero is a constant... more


At a cost of $350/oz, how much would u pay for a solid cubic foot of gold.

At a cost of $350/oz, how much would you have to pay for a solid cubic foot of gold. Density of gold is19.3 g/mL


find density of mass 500g mass is perfect 2cm cube also it is gold show work please

A mass is 500g   It is a perfect 2cm cube  I need the density and is it gold?  Show work please

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