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Should I accept a job that's not as structured (from reviews) but a better salary or stay with the current one I'm with (that's structured) but be paid less?

Recently got a job offer from a company that has a better pay rate. The only downfall is there are no benefits and I have to use my own laptop. With my current company, I'm with a structured MSP... more

Is Snapchat considered a social informatic tool?

My teacher wants us to pick any social informatic tool (software or hardware) and write a report on it. I want to make sure I am on the right track!

Give an example of a many-to-many relationship and explain its unsuitability for a relational database.

Designing a database requires both a logical design and a physical design. The logical design models the database from a business perspective. The organization's data model should reflect its key... more


Write pseudocode Centigrade and Fahrenheit are two scales to measure temperature.

Write pseudocode and that prompts (input) the user to enter Centigrate and then print the Fahrenheit.Use following formula for conversion.

Write pseudocode that prompts (input) the capacity, in gallons, of an automobile fuel tank and the miles per gallon the automobile can be driven

The program outputs the number of miles the automobile can be driven without refueling.

Addition of two IP addresses

How can I add this IP addresses together? + 54.105.153   and + 63. 31

What is a key and repeated process in terms of computational thinking?

I don't understand what these two terms mean but they're linked to programming and computational thinking. Please help


how to create a program that will convert celsius to fahrenhiet.can u give an example of that program

create program that will convert celsius to fahrenheit


cloud computing

i need answer Cloud computing refers to hosted applications and services offered by a third party and run almost entirely from one or more servers that reside on the Interne


Discuss how the decision criteria employed by IT managers in network management

Discuss how the decision criteria employed by IT managers in network management may or may not correspond to those of senior enterprise managers, and explain ways of coping with the differences.

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