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Please answer the short prompt regarding database storage solutions and structure. Which data storage solution is best?

Situation:You've just been brought into a company that's looking at how decisions are ultimately made by a Hollywood studio regarding casting. You have been asked to collect and store a wide... more
Information Systems Uml Diagram System Design


Management Information System

Draw a Class Diagram and then a Navigation Diagram for withdrawing money from an ATM
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Excel Financial Functions

Assume the same data as provided in question #4. How much would you have to pay each month to pay offthe loan in 10 years?Data from question #4: Time for a new problem. You want to borrow $200,000... more
Information Systems Microsoft Excel Accounting Ecenomics


Excel Financial Functions

Time for a new problem. You want to borrow $200,000 at 4% interest compounded monthly. If you canafford to make monthly payments of only $1200/month, how many months (cell J14 on the sample... more
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Give an example of a many-to-many relationship and explain its unsuitability for a relational database.

Designing a database requires both a logical design and a physical design. The logical design models the database from a business perspective. The organization's data model should reflect its key... more
Information Systems


details of Iteration in software development

What does "iteration" mean in software development? What is the alternative? What are some advantages of an iterative process? What are the disadvantages or potential problems with this approach?
Information Systems


project planning

is it important to do project planning? How much time and energy should be spent planning the project? Is planning important to an Agile project? What are some of the dangers of not planning? Of... more

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