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What type of platform is WordPress? and what are some of the capabilities you can do with WordPress?

When thinking about WordPress many people think it's just another website building platform and that can be far from the truth. WordPress does have many capabilities beyond just being used to build... more


What is the most important element of a business website?

Which modern software is a decent successor / replacement for Fireworks?

Just to give a little context, I have a background as a design-savvy developer (not a developer-savvy designer). I worked at an agency many years ago. I've been out of the design game for about 3... more


What is meant by "busy"?

What do web developers mean when they think something will make their site look "busy"?What gives this feel of busy-ness?
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Is there a standard width for designing web page mockups?

Is there a standard size for the width of a website in a mockup? What is that size? Why?


Efficient workflows for handing off designs to developers?

I work as a UX/UI designer for my company's web sites. After I make the designs, I send the mockups to web developers, who implement them. It's a little more collaborative than that, but that's... more
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Add a hyperlink within Illustrator?

Is it possible to add a hyperlink to an object or a layer within Illustrator CS6 for a later SVG export?I know about the possibility to manually edit the exported file and wrap elements with an... more
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Export a single object in Illustrator without the other objects to SVG code?

So I am pretty much desperate by now.I am a web developer and -designer, but I don't use Illustrator. I just don't need it at all.The file that I got from the graphic designer contains two... more


What is the effect of ligatures in web, regarding SEO?

All designers love ligatures but vanilla web typography just sucks. I heard of [smartypants](http://daringfireball.net/projects/smartypants/) that solves many of thoses issues, bringing sexy... more


Charging an Intellectual Property transfer fee for design work?

So, you've finished a design job (eg. a logo design) and the client asks for your IP surrounding the logo, eg copyright, original artwork files, notes, sketches, all of that stuff that went into... more
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Are "web-safe" colors still important?

Years ago, it was always strongly recommended that web designers should only use web-safe colors. Have studies been done to see if this is still the case? If so, what's the answer?Does anyone know... more


What are standard ratios for typography on the web?

In laying out a web design, I often try to make sure that my typography is proportional and consistent. However, I haven't been able to find any definitive articles or resources on what ratios and... more


What are standard ratios for typography on the web?

In laying out a web design, I often try to make sure that my typography is proportional and consistent. However, I haven't been able to find any definitive articles or resources on what ratios and... more


Should I watermark my work?

I am an art student who is trying to upload some digital work on a website. Do graphic designers typically watermark their work? If no, how do graphic designers protect their work?Update: The... more


How to answer the ever-present 'make the logo bigger'?

Just like most of us, I regularly face the client desire to 'make the logo bigger'. Especially in web designs, clients want to inflate their logos to ridiculous sizes. How do I effectively counter... more


How to hire a graphic designer?

I am developing the backend for a website. I always had the trouble of making an attractive design for my websites and have never hired any graphic designer yet. I have no logo nor web... more

Why use Fireworks for website design?

I've used Photoshop to design (more or less) every website I've made in the past 9 or 10 years. I hear people going on about Fireworks saying that it's excellent for web design and prototyping.When... more
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Is there a free 'Helvetica Neue' alternative?

Does anyone know any other fonts similar to Helvetica Neue (free for commercial use)? I'm working on a big website project where 'Helvetica Neue' is used heavily. I need a font that looks almost... more
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What's the best way to animate an illustration for the web?

I have a couple of illustrations done in Illustrator and I am planing to animate it for a website that I am working on, I've heard of [Create.js](http://www.createjs.com/#!/CreateJS) toolkit with... more
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How to direct users eyes on a website?

There is a common principle in photography that a photo should lead the viewer's eyes. This is frequently accomplished with a line that runs across the photo. Recognizing how the observer will scan... more

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