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Color Theory Iso White Balance


Shooting outdoors architecture, and landscapes.

What is the best time of day to shoot architecture or landscapes outside?
Color Theory Art Painting Artist


How can I improve my painting?

My painting looks messy or dull, and even ugly at times. How can I make my paintings better?
Color Theory Graphic Design Color


Why is pure blue darker than pure green?

If I convert 100% green and blue to grayscale, the blue one becomes about twice as dark. I can see that green looks brighter, but I also want to understand reason behind it. Looking at colors in... more


Who first discovered CMYK?

It has been used for colour printing for many, many years, but who (and when) first discovered that a bright pink colour (magenta), a light blue (cyan), yellow and black can be mixed to create... more

Tips and resources for beginning designers?

Thanks to the internet, graphic design and programming are becoming increasingly overlapping fields. As a programmer, I constantly find myself needing basic knowledge of Graphic Design, but have... more

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