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Simple Spot Color Separations for Screen Printing?

Ok, I'm an Illustrator noob, but I've worked in screen printing. I made a design which is composed of an expanded Live Trace, a couple of rectangles with fills and strokes, and some text within... more
Color Drawing Pens


What are requirements for ballpoint/rollerball colour pens for art-grade drawing?

Some days ago I saw incredible coloured pen-drawings in some exhibition. I would like to try this medium myself. But before buying some pens I would like to get some requirements for... more


How to change color of an image in Illustrator?

When I open an image in Photoshop, I can easily change the color by double clicking on the layer and adding color overlay.How can I do the same in Illustrator? It doesn't need to be with Color... more


How do I select all pixels that match an exact color value in Adobe Photoshop?

Is there any way to select _all_ pixels on the current layer that match a specific color value ***exactly***? My first instinct is `Select > Color Range...`, but I cannot determine how to input... more

Does black and white photography still make sense?

I think at first it was because of a limitation of the cameras present at the time, but with the color cameras that we have available now, what do you think of black and white photos?In other... more


The energy of a pho ton can be any value along a continuous spectrum of energies ? True or false ?

Understanding color
Color Chemistry Fire


Answer Questions & Explain Please

Ms. Johnson's grandpa used to entertain her and her brothers by throwing "fireplace crystals" into the fireplace. These crystals used to make the fire produce colors of red, green, and... more


What light is reflected if a certain light was shined on a certain pigment?

Mixing Lights & Pigments - If the light of the color is shining on the pigments, what light will be reflected, if any?   I have put what I thought is the correct light being reflected. I... more

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