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What light is reflected if a certain light was shined on a certain pigment?

Mixing Lights & Pigments - If the light of the color is shining on the pigments, what light will be reflected, if any?
I have put what I thought is the correct light being reflected. I was hoping someone could verify if I have the correct answer to each one
  1. If a white light is shined on cyan and magenta pigments = Blue?
  2. If a yellow light is shined on cyan pigment = Green?
  3. If a red light is shined on magenta & yellow pigments = Red?
  4. If a green light is shined on yellow & magenta pigments = Green?
  5. If a magenta light is shined on red pigment = Cyan?
  6. If a cyan light is shined on magenta pigment = Blue?

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Cyan, Magenta, Yellow (C,M,Y) are used in subtractive color analysis.  Pigments do the subtraction.
Red, Green and Blue are used in additive color analysis
In simple terms: C kills incident red light,  M  kills incident green light, and Y kills incident blue light.
By "kills" it is meant that the pigment absorbs the indicated color, removing it.
In this model incident white light is an equal parts mixture of red, green and blue.
So for 1)  Red and Green are killed leaving only Blue
    for   2)  Yellow light is what survives after blue is removed, so is Red + Green.  The Cyan will kill the red leaving only Green
    for 3) Neither M nor Y kills red, so the Red survives untouched.
    for 4) Magenta will kill green,  so nothing survives  -  the surface will appear black.
    for  5)  A red pigment (mixture of M and Y pigments) kills Blue and Green.  Magenta light is Red + Blue, so only Red light survives
     for 6)  Cyan light is Green + Blue .  So Blue survives.
In summary, your answers are correct except for numbers 4 and 5.