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Help with a word problem

 A total of $12,000 is invested in two funds  paying 9% and 11% simple interest. If the yearly and trust is $1180, how much of the $12,000 is invested at each rate?  


Solve the systems of equations

4x+3y=-13 3x-5y=12   I have done this problem and cannot figure out what the answer is.


Find the equation of the line through the points (5,-6) and (-4,-6).

I got y=0/-9x-6 but it does not seem right.


Find the equation of the line with slope -3 and going through the point (3,11).

I got y=3x+20 and was wondering if it is right.
College Math College Algebra


what is the domain and range and wether y is a funtion of x? y= - |3x| also what would i put for a list of ordered pairs that satisfy the equation???

please help ive been struggling all day on this homework problem.
College Math Math College Algebra


what is the range and the domain of " y= x-7 <---and x-7 is in a square root thing

pleaseee help

Unsure how to solve this word problem and how to get the answer.

  A square and a triangle have the same area. The base of the triangle is 3 feet more than the side length of the square. The height of the triangle is 1 foot less than the base of the triangle.... more
College Math Percents


-4.60% to a decimal and fraction

provide a step by step 
College Math Percents


14.37% to a decimal then a fraction

what is it in a decimal and a fraction


Inverse Functions

If f(x)=(x+2)/(x+9), then f^-1(-4)=?


One to One Functions

If g(x) is one-to-one and g(-8)=4, then (g(-8))^-1=?
College Math


my question is attached in the description

A theater group made appearances in two cities. The hotel charge before tax in the second city was $1000 lower than in the first. The tax in the first city was 6%, and the tax in the second city... more


Transformation: Given the function f(x) PLEASE HELP

om the other.a) f(x) + 2b) f (x + 2)c) f(x) + f (2)Unit 6 DQ Follow-up #1: VariationUnit 6 DQ Follow-up # 1 question: If y varies directly as , explain why doubling x would not cause y to be... more
College Math Trigonometry


Find cos2x if sin(X)= 9/41.

Can you please show every step? Thanks!
College Math


how do i get the actual economy shrinkage?

If the national economy shrank at an annual rate of 4% per year for four consecutive years, then the economy shrank by 9% over the four-year period. The actual question is looking for a true or... more


A newspaper carrier has 5.50 in change.He has 5 more quarters than dimes but 3 times as many nickels as quarters.How many coins or few have type does he have?

Please explain how to do this in the easiest to understand way you can. 

what is tan(sin^-1(3/7)+cos^-1(4/5))?

I get confused when I have to do the tangent part of the equation.


How do you solve cos(cos^-1(x)+sin^-1(x))?

Could you please show me your steps? Thank you!

Find the exact value of cos 15 degrees= sqrt(A)(sqrt(B)+1)/4...what is A and what is B?

I know how to get the answer, but for some reason, they want it in this format and I'm not sure how to do it this way.

Am I doing this right?

Kai takes off from parking structure 1 at 3:00 PM, driving north. One hour later, Jacob takes off from parking structure 1, too,  but he had south, and his speed is 15 mph more than Kai's. At... more


How to solve and what's the answer to the problem?

Colombian  coffee beans cost $5.50 per pound, while Peruvian coffee beans cost $4.25 per pound. We want to mix the beans together so as to produce a 40 pound bag, costing $4.60 per pound. How many... more


Use C to denote cos(x), and express 1+tan^2(x)=______ in terms of C. Similarly, express (1-sinx)(1+sinx)=____ in terms of C.

Hint: For the first part use the definition of the tangent function. For the second part use the third binomial formula: (a+b)(a-b)=a^2-b^2   Can you please show clear steps on how you got this?... more


implify and write the trigonometric expression in terms of sine and cosine: sec(t)-cos(t) divided by sec(t)=f(t)^2.

Please write in terms of sine and cosine!
College Math Math Statistics Probability


If ​P(B)=0.4​, P(A|B)=0.5, P(B′​)=0.6, and​ P(A|B′)=0.7, what is P(B|A)?

Statistics probability problem. I could really use some help figuring out how to solve this.
College Math College Algebra


Factor the following polynomial by grouping. " wya + d - y - wda =

please helppppppppp

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