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Cliff left point A at 8 A.M. walking east at 3 kph. Renz left point A at 9 A.M. walking north at 4 kph.

PLEASE HELP ME TO ANSWER IT I DON'T GET IT. THANKS IN ADVANCE :)(a) Express the distance between Cliff and Renz as a function ofthe time t elapsed since 8 A.M.(b) How far apart are Cliff and Renz... more


Civil Engineering

The diameter of the brass and steel segments of the axially loaded bar shown in fig. are 30 mm and 12 mm respectively. The diameter of the hollow section of the brass segment is 20 mm. Determine... more


Engineering Project Planning Insight

Hello to anyone reading this!I am currently working on a project involving the analysis of real world systems for my engineering mechanics class. The systems that I have chosen would involve... more

Ventilation of a thick, metal Faraday Cage/Physics or Engineering question

How can you permit airflow in a faraday cage built of thick metal that shields high and low frequencies?
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what statistical questions would you advise to use in the survey for the research?

Situation:You are assigned to be a researcher for a local construction firm. The company is targeting 4 different places to construct subdivisions.


Maximum deflection of a beam

Imagine having a equation of a beam as follows and we have to solve this for x. Note that the [] square brackets denote terms involving Macaulay's notation.How do we solve for x when Macaulay's... more
Civil Engineering Physics Mechanical Engineering


Structural Analysis/beams/deflection

Question :The cantilever beam AB of length L carries a uniformly distributed W load , which includes the weight of the beam.(Note that the left end end A is free , while right end has a fixed... more
Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Statics


Deflection/stress/torque in a horizontal crane

I made a google drive link to the problem (as I cannot paste images on here): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r9vwwLlm0KNfPZJfgtfgu6KW6wBKw9Ym/view?usp=sharingHow would you set up this problem? If... more
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Deflection of Beams

How do we find the relevant boundary conditions when finding deflection of beams using double integration method?
Civil Engineering Math Mathematics College Math


Supremum and infimum

X1 = { x | x = 0 or x = (1/n) ; n € N(N - set of natural numbers)Find the supremum and infimum(if they exists ) of set X1
Civil Engineering Math Physics Mechanical Engineering


Equilibrium of forces

How do we show that a system of forces is equivalent to a wrench?
Civil Engineering Math Physics Mechanical Engineering


Equilibrium of a particle

a particle whose weight W rests on a smooth inclined plane under the action of a horizontal force P. The particle can also be kept in equilibrium on the plane by applying a force Q along the plane... more
Civil Engineering Math Physics Mechanical Engineering


Equillibrium of forces

Forces X, Y, Z act along the three lines given by the equationsy = 0, z = c; z = 0, x — a; x=0, y — b;prove that pitch of the equivalent wrench isIf the wrench reduces to a single force, shew that... more

friction question

A car is traveling at 25 m/s along a horizontal road. The coefficients of friction between the road and the tires are us=0.95 uk=0.34.Calculate the distance the car travel before stopping if the... more
Civil Engineering




what feature indicates the presence of drain below ground?

Civil Engineering


Project planning and control

Who among the following first developed and used bar charts to run steel manufacturing?Henry Ford Karol AdamieckiFredrick W TaylorHenry Gantt
Civil Engineering


Project planning and control

Which among these is/are the steps in scheduling of a project?Development of the work breakdown structure Identification of activities Estimation of activity duration Identifying activity... more
Civil Engineering


How would you fix the depth of a foundation?

Civil Engineering


Which is a stronger / more stable structure: a pyramid or a monolithic dome?

Civil Engineering


What method is suitable for a shallow groundwater table, bored or driven pile?

Civil Engineering


Are many America's bridges structurally deficient, and basically crumbling?

Civil Engineering


How do I calculate the weight of a concrete block?

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