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Civil Engineering


What is the difference between purlins and secondary beams?

Civil Engineering


What are some natural ways of keeping the building cool?

Civil Engineering


What is the structural use of a stiffening beam in a one-way ribbed floor?

Civil Engineering


How does the modulus of elasticity affect the deflection?

How to inspire?

Why do most students get caught up in the rat race of learning solely for a grade on a transcript? How to inspire curiosity and creativity for lifelong learning?
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When was urban planning created?

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Which are the best colleges for urban planning in the world?


How is a wave an energy transport phenomenon?

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Which software is better for steel connection drawing, Revit or Tekla?

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Is GIS a tool or a specialization in urban planning?


What is fluid transport?


What is meant by mass transfer?

Civil Engineering


Balancing Teeter Totter

Splinter has the Turtles working on their balance on the teeter totter. The teeter totter is 11 m in length. Leonardo (far left) weighs 706 newtons. Michelangelo (2m from left) weighs 312 newtons.... more
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why the average of the two 95% confidence interval limits for lower and upper speeds not equal to average speed based on average running time ?

for example : Given the normal distribution of running times, themean running time for the section (3mi) is 196 seconds, and 95% ofall running times would fall within 1.96(15) = 29.4 seconds ofthis... more
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Steady State Plug Flow Question

Chlorine can be used to disinfect drinking water.  A water pipeline is 2 feet in diameter and 4000 ft. long, and has a water flow rate of 10,000 gallons per minute (gpm).  Chlorine is added at the... more

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