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stat help probability

A room of people consists of 26 men and 29 women. If you randomly select a group of 5 people from this room, what is the probability that at most 4 of them are men?
Statics Physics


Calculate the torque due to the hinge.

The drawbridge's weight: W = Mg = 6400 lb Its length: ℓ = 40 ft The height the cable reaches: h = 16 ft I can't insert an image but the picture looks like this:right triangle starting from 0. 0 is... more


How do you know it is a zero-force member?

How do you know a member is zero-force? Assume I have no knowledge of zero-force members when explaining.
Statics Statistics


ı wanna help about this question?

At the time she was hired as a server at the Grumney Family Restaurant, Beth Brigden was told, “You can average $84 a day in tips.” Assume the population of daily tips is normally distributed with... more


A clinical trial was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of a test drug and traditional control drug in the treatment of Candida vulvovaginitis.

Treatment n of valid cases n of invalid cases Total Trial group 100 13 113 Control group 80 29 109 Total 180 42 222 H0=H1=a=actual frequency=theoretical frequency=chi square... more
Statics Math Probability


Consider the following data on the diameter of a rivet. Assume a normal population.

Consider the following data on the diameter of a rivet. Assume a normal population. 6.68 6.66 6.62 6.72 6.76 6.67 6.70 6.72 6.78 6.66 6.76 6.72 6.76 6.70 6.76 6.76 6.74 6.74 6.81 6.66 6.64 a)... more


Statics question about inclined friction

A body of weight (W) is placed on a rough inclined plane makes with the horizontal an angle of measure θ and the force of magnitude (W) acts on it in direction of the line of greatest slope of the... more


Statics question about friction on inclined

A body of weight (W) is placed on a rough inclined plane makes with the horizontal an angle of measure θ and the force of magnitude (W) acts on it in direction of the line of greatest slope of the... more


statics question?!

A body is placed on an inclined rough plane and it was about to slide. When the inclination angle to the horizontal is increased, the body moved downward , then the friction force at this moment... more
Statics Math


The failure tensile load for a steel wire 1.0mm in diameter is 540N. What is the failure tensile stress?

Please include equations/ work to further my understanding.
Statics Physics


How high above floor can force P act so crate moves without tipping?

crate is 2 ft wide, has a weight of 200 lb. coefficient of static friction is 0.35

Statistic worksheet

1.     Of a random sample of 198 marketing students 98 rated a case of resume inflation as unethical.Based on this information, a statistician computed for the population proportion a confidence... more
Statics Statistics


what is the probability that at least one then=m has been vaccinate?

in a large population, 52% of the people have been vaccinated. if 5 people are randomly selected, what is the probability that at least one of them has been vaccinate?

Maximum deflection of a beam

Imagine having a equation of a beam as follows and we have to solve this for x. Note that the [] square brackets denote terms involving Macaulay's notation.How do we solve for x when Macaulay's... more


statistics help

Assume that when adults with smartphones are randomly​ selected, 49​% use them in meetings or classes. If 7 adult smartphone users are randomly​ selected, find the probability that at least 5 of... more
Statics Physics


Wind Sculpture (Involves statics, frequency)

Your friend, an artist, has been thinking about an interesting way to display a new wind sculpture she has just created. In order to create an aural as well as visual effect, she would like to use ... more


The following data are from a repeated-measures study examining the effect of treatment by measuring a group of n=6 participants before and after they receive a treatment.

Participants Before Treatment: A7, B2, C4, D5, E5, F3Participants After Treatment: A8, B9, C6, D7, E6, F8a. Calculate the difference scores and Md . b. Compute SS, sample variance, and estimated... more

Deflection/stress/torque in a horizontal crane

I made a google drive link to the problem (as I cannot paste images on here): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r9vwwLlm0KNfPZJfgtfgu6KW6wBKw9Ym/view?usp=sharingHow would you set up this problem? If... more
Statics Physics


Static Equilibrium Question

Question Description:Three cables are connected at a central point B. The first cable runs from point A to point B at an angle 50˚ above the horizontal. Another cable runs from point B to point... more


Building a bride out of cardboard, straws and string

​Hey, I have an assignment in my physics class where I have to build a bridge out of: a 20cm x 8cm piece of cardboard, 10 straws, And 3 meters of string. How it works:The bridge will be placed on 2... more


Chi Square Test.

A quality control manager regularly samples 20 items from a production line and records the number of defective items x. The results of 100 such samples are given in Table 1 below.x: 0, 1, 2 ,3, 4... more


Probability of several consecutive drawn random samples of a standard normal distribution exceeding certain value.

Hi,I have trouble figuring out the following:I have a standard normal distribution (µ = 0, σ² = 1) and now, as an example, draw 3 random independent samples.What is the chance, that the sum of... more


Math statistic work

A survey indicates that 40% of women in U.S. consider reading their favorite leisure - time activity. You randomly select 10 U.S. women And ask them is reading their favorite leisure- time... more

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