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Should a high-school student invest their (relative meager) savings?

I am a high school student, I don't really have much money, between one and two grand in my savings account. However, I have friends who are investing in both penny stocks and stocks. I do not... more

Why doesn't change in accounts receivable on balance sheet match cash flow statement?

If we take a look at the [balance sheet] for Microsoft, I see `Net Receivables` as `21,485,000 [2014]` and `19,118,000 [2013]` On the [cash flow statement], I see `Changes In Accounts... more


Help with maths problem while learning to calculate stocks.

Which is a better Investment: A stock of 6% for $108 or a stock of 4% at $90. This is all that is given I tried some thing but couldn't figure it out. Please Help.


I bought 500 shares of X at 6$. X is now worth 480. How much Money did I make?

I am trying to figure out the value of X now, and how much money I have made. 


whats 1 % of 1250

Its regarding my stocks . I can put 1 to 15 % of my pay but I want to put only 1%

how much was invested in each vehicle?

Country Day's scholarship fund receives a gift of $ 188240.607247983. The money is invested in stocks, bonds, and CDs. CDs pay 2.5 % interest, bonds pay 5.5 % interest, and stocks pay 10.1 %... more
Stocks Bonds


Purchase price?

On September 6, Irene Westing purchased one bond of Mick Corporation at 93.00. The bond pays 6.5 interest on June 1 and December 1. The stockbroker told Irene that she would have to pay the accrued... more


The cost to a buyer if stock

Explain each of the following,including any brokerage fees, the cost to a buyer of stock  


stocks/yield on investment/net investment

1. A man invested in 500 shares of a local business stock selling for $15.75 a share. A while later he sold half of his shares at $17.25. Calculate his investment rate of return and his capital... more

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