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Stocks Precalculus


Hana owns some Amazon stocks and knows the market fluctuates a great deal. She records the opening values of the shares each day in hopes of determining a pattern.

The data sheet recorded is shown in the chart below, but she forgot to record the value on April 19th.She has some research and found that the total change in value over the week she recorded was... more

Should a high-school student invest their (relative meager) savings?

I am a high school student, I don't really have much money, between one and two grand in my savings account. However, I have friends who are investing in both penny stocks and stocks. I do not... more


Good at investing - how to turn this into a job?

I'm 34 years old. Twelve years ago, I got a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and have been working as a computer programmer more-or-less continuously since then. I also have been investing... more

Why doesn't change in accounts receivable on balance sheet match cash flow statement?

If we take a look at the [balance sheet] for Microsoft, I see `Net Receivables` as `21,485,000 [2014]` and `19,118,000 [2013]` On the [cash flow statement], I see `Changes In Accounts... more


Help with maths problem while learning to calculate stocks.

Which is a better Investment: A stock of 6% for $108 or a stock of 4% at $90. This is all that is given I tried some thing but couldn't figure it out. Please Help.


I bought 500 shares of X at 6$. X is now worth 480. How much Money did I make?

I am trying to figure out the value of X now, and how much money I have made. 


whats 1 % of 1250

Its regarding my stocks . I can put 1 to 15 % of my pay but I want to put only 1%

how much was invested in each vehicle?

Country Day's scholarship fund receives a gift of $ 188240.607247983. The money is invested in stocks, bonds, and CDs. CDs pay 2.5 % interest, bonds pay 5.5 % interest, and stocks pay 10.1 %... more
Stocks Bonds


Purchase price?

On September 6, Irene Westing purchased one bond of Mick Corporation at 93.00. The bond pays 6.5 interest on June 1 and December 1. The stockbroker told Irene that she would have to pay the accrued... more


The cost to a buyer if stock

Explain each of the following,including any brokerage fees, the cost to a buyer of stock  


stocks/yield on investment/net investment

1. A man invested in 500 shares of a local business stock selling for $15.75 a share. A while later he sold half of his shares at $17.25. Calculate his investment rate of return and his capital... more

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