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Igcse Biology


I really need help with this question in biology

Te diagram shows an experiment on diffusionTe diagram is basically a breaker that has sugar solution X and a permeable bag with 20% sugar solution inside it.More sugar diffuses out of the bag than... more

How do you write a surd as an exponential with a different base? How do you get from √128 to 2^(7/2)?

Hello!  The question in my textbook asks me to find m when √128 = 2^m   I used an app to solve the question and writing “√128 as an exponential with a base of 2“ was one of the steps Please... more

simple interest.

alberto invests his $90 for 2 years at r% per year simple interest. at the end of 2 years the amount of money he has is $99. calculate the value of r%.


calculating profit.

carlos buys a box of 50 oranges for $8. he sells all the oranges for 25 cents each. calculate the profit he makes.
Igcse Math Numbers


calculating percent increase.

maria walks 1.8 km to school at an average speed of 4km/h. but today maria cycled the 1.8 km at an average speed of 15km/h. calculate the percentage increase that 15km/h is on maria walking speed... more

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