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Why do we say "It's time we ate" and not "It's time we eat"?

Why do we use the simple past but not the present or future in the following expressions: > Don't you think it's time we went a little further > Don't you think it's time we ate >... more


Does the volitional form of a verb mean both "let's" and "I want to"?

I was taught ages ago that the volitional form of a verb means "let's" do something. For example, if you take `行{い}く` and change it to `行{い}こう`, you get "let's go". However, I feel like I can use... more

The train will leave vs. "is going to leave" vs. "leaves" vs. "is leaving"?

From the grammatical point of view all are correct, just the meaning are different, please bring your clarification, thank you.> 1. The Train will leave at 10:00 tomorrow morning.2. The Train is... more
Future Present


Age Word Problems

In three more years, Mitch's grandpa will be six times as old as Mitch was last year. When Mitch's present age is added to his grandfather's present  age, the total is 68. How old is each one now??


Future issues

Do you have any suggestion: Ten years from now, what do you feel will be the most pressing issue facing a Child or Family Development Specialist and why do you feel the way you do? Please use an... more

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