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Calculation Chemistry


My calculation is correct? (about the chemistry)

1 moles of KClO3 = 122.55 grams1 moles of KCl = 74.6 grams1 moles of O2 = 31.9988 gramsMass of test tube + MnO2 -> 21.5403gMass of test tube + MnO2 + KClO3 + KCl -> 22.5518gConstant mass of... more
Calculation Chemistry Chemical


My answer is correct? about the chemistry

Use the following reaction to answer question         MnO22 KClO3(s) --------------> 2 KCl (s) + 3 O2 (g)Complete the following statements.a. 2 moles of KC103 releases __________... more

Calculating the cost of waiting longer for money?

I'm trying to calculate the cost of waiting 30 extra days to receive money from a customer. Here's the situation: > How much would this cost a company per year if a customer pays us in 60 days... more


Dealing with fractions of a penny?

If my car insurance was £1200.01 per year, I could end up being charged £100 + 1/12p per month. I know that's not how it works, the extra penny is kept whole and goes on a specific month... more


Is there a dollar amount that, when adding Massachusetts Sales Tax, precisely equals $200?

I am confused about calculating Massachusetts Sales Tax (6.25%). Is there such an amount, that when added to its sales tax, equals $200? The reason I ask is because my business has been charging... more


Interest calculation

My question is if suppose I lend someone 10000 indian rupees and he is paying me back daily 100 rs for 120 days .. how much interest I am earning ?


Curiosity of mathematics

360 degrees is it equivalent too 9 multiplied 36 add 36=360  


If it takes 5 workers 105 hours to refresh exposition of the art museum, how long will it take 7 workers

If it takes 5 workers 105 hours to refresh exposition of the art museum, how long will it take 7 workers (assuming they all work at the same rate)? Compose equation and solve it. Explain... more


Statistics, please assist with break down... I received 1% as the answer.. is this correct?

A computer manufacturer uses graphic cards made by two companies N and I. They are using the cards made by N in 80% of the computers and made by I on 20% of the computers. They have found that 2%... more


Math Question

A stack of one hundred twenty cards is placed next to a ruler, and the height of the stack is measured to be 3/4 inches.How thick is one card?


calculation for latitude..?

I dont know how to to the calculation for latitude.Can anyone go through these problems and tell me how to do?1. Given that your latitude is 66.7, how many degrees above the northern horizon will... more

Insurance rate $38.00 per million

Total insurance value equal 500 million at $38.00 per million. What is the annual premium ?


Summation with non upper limit

Hi, I woild like assistance with showing work on how to solve a summation question And determining if it is convergent or divergent Thanks in advance!    Question: (summation... more


What is the kcalories from protein in sandwich?

At Chick-Fil-A, you order a chicken sandwich with a medium sized waffle fry. The chicken sandwich has 17 grams of fat, 38 grams of carbohydrates, and 30 grams of protein. Your answer should be a... more


Vertex distance from the center of a triangle.

I'm working on writing a program to draw a triangle based on whatever input is given to it, and I have run into a snag. Given the angles of the vertices of a triangle, and the length of the longest... more
Calculation Dna


The DNA in a human chromosome is about 10 cm in length.

The DNA in a human chromosome is about 10 cm in length. A typical human cell has a diameter of 15um, and its nucleus occupies 30% of the cell volume. What is the minimum number of times the DNA in... more

Find intervals containing solutions to the following equations.

Find intervals containing solutions to the following equations.(a) f(x) = x − 3^−x = 0b)f(x) = x^3 + 4.001x^2 + 4.002^x + 1.101 = 0.I want help how can I find intervals and solutions for these... more


I need help with some thermochemistry questions, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP!

I've spent all day on the following questions and can't seem to get them right. If anyone would be willing to provide a break down with the answer that would be greatly appreciated. I just want to... more
Calculation Physics Force


a material weighs 400N in air. density is 1600 kg/m^3, what is weight immersed in water?

I dont understand how to calculate this.  
Calculation Cars


What is the cost of these cars?

Suppose that you drive, on average, 160 miles per week to commute to work and usual activities. With gas prices at $4.50 per gallon, you are considering buying a new fuel efficient car, and want to... more


Chemistry with stoichiometry and empirical formula

A compound that does not contain oxygen is combusted to give: a) 33.75 g of water b) Carbon dioxide collected under water in a 37.5 L vessel at 20 degrees Celsius and an atmospheric pressure of... more
Calculation Calculations


Anyone can help me please with this: dy/dx where y=x ln 2x.

Please can someone help me with this dy by dx question, for calculation


Please some help me when a past exam question! (air pollution air sampler calculation)

At the end of the opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics there was a huge fireworks display. A heavy-duty total suspended particulate (TSP) sampler was set up to run for 24 hours on the roof... more



you are offered $900 five years from now or $150 at the end of each year for the next five years.  If you can earn 6 percent on your funds, which offer will you accept?  If you can earn 14 percent... more

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