Steffen S.

asked • 12/22/16

Vertex distance from the center of a triangle.

I'm working on writing a program to draw a triangle based on whatever input is given to it, and I have run into a snag. Given the angles of the vertices of a triangle, and the length of the longest side, how do you find the approximate(IE degrees, not radians) distance between the center of the triangle and each of the vertices?

Just as an example let's use a triangle with angles 29, 71, and 80 whose longest side is 5 feet long.

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Kenneth S. answered • 12/22/16

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Steffen S.

1.Both Incenter and Circumcenter, since I don't know which of those two the program I am using will treat as the origin point both would be preferred.

2. Yes I know that, I was simply stating that for any answer given to my example that any instances of radians should be changed to degrees since that's what will occur in the program I am working on. Having some sqrt(2)/2 is great for doing maths with on paper, but it's virtually worthless when I need to know that a line is exactly 2.13851 or whatever distance long. 

PS-I am not 5, and you should not assume that I am.


Gregg K.

Nicely said Steffen


Steffen S.

I mean, he should have known that I understand the basic concept of measurement since:

A) I'm working on frigging calculating triangles via programming. Not understanding measurement would make such a thing an impossible task

B) I even mentioned in my initial post that the longest side on my example triangle is 5 feet long.


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