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From the following formula or 40 sertraline hydrochloride capsules, calculate the quantity o each ingredient needed to prepare 250 such capsules.

(involving reducing and enlarging formula)Sertraline hydrochloride 300 mgSilica gel 6 gCalcium citrate 4 g
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What is the answer in the blank for light liquid and heavy liquid concerning specific gravity and percent error?

The format goes in this:Light liquid- Mineral Oil and Heavy liquid – NaCl soln 20%)250 mL graduated cylinder with the liquid to be tested up to the 200 ml mark.Hydrometer MethodResult: (for light... more
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Use Hess's Law to calculate the heat of reaction for the following reaction :

A + 3B —> 3C + 2DA + 28 —> C+ D H= -20 kJ B —> 2C+ D H= -45 kJ (ANSWER CHOICE )a. -65 kJb. +65 kJc. -25 kJd. +25 kJ
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A 1.7g potato chip is burned down to 0.2g in a calorimeter that contains 400.0 g of water

The temperature of the water rises from 21°C to 31°C. The specific heat of water is 1cal/g^ C . How much heat in cal was given off in the reaction?A. 2.7 calB. 4000 calC. 4 calD. 15 cal
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What is the percent strength (w/w) of a drug if 50mg of a drug is added to 150mg of diluent?

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How many full vials of a drug needed to make sure there is enough drug for the first four hours?

I know that the drug is available as 1 mg/mL in 5 mL vials.I know the drug is delivered at a rate of 3.6 mg/kg/hr.Am I supposed to multiply 3.6 * 4= 14.4 because it’s asking about 4 hours? If if so... more
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Anyone can help me please with this: dy/dx where y=x ln 2x.

Please can someone help me with this dy by dx question, for calculation

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