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Summation Calculus


Summation Notation / Diverges convergence

 If  and  are both series of positive terms and an > bn for all n, and  diverges, then..  converges  diverges  = 0


sum of the series \sum_(n=1)^(\infty ) ((1)/(\root(n)(2))-(1)/(\root(n+1)(2)))

how do i find the sum of this series \sum_(n=1)^(\infty ) ((1)/(\root(n)(2))-(1)/(\root(n+1)(2)))


Find the sum of the infinite series below.

1/3*7 + 1/7*11 + 1/11*15 + 1/15*19 ...
Summation Calculus Integral


Using the RN approximation, express the area under the graph f(x) = x^−3 over [1, 9] as a limit but do not evaluate.

I don't really understand integrals and summation.


Summation division property

3 ∑ 2/n n=1   The answer is 11/3. I know how to find the answer by adding up 2 + 1 + 2/3. But I want to know how to do it by the summation properties. There is a multiplication property that... more
Summation Integrals


Sigma notation with area under a curve, lower and upper rectangles

I got the answer to this problem from my teacher but I don't understand why that's the answer: y=√1+x^3 , domain 1≤x≤2 and with 50 intervals therefore width is 1/50.  The Sigma notation for the... more

Summation with non upper limit

Hi, I woild like assistance with showing work on how to solve a summation question And determining if it is convergent or divergent Thanks in advance!    Question: (summation... more
Summation Precalculus Series


Write the sum using summation notation, assuming the suggested pattern continues. -9 - 4 + 1 + 6 + ... + 66

A. summation of negative forty five times n from n equals zero to fifteenB. summation of the quantity negative nine plus five n from n equals zero to fifteenC. summation of the quantity negative... more


Summation Notation14.

Write each sum in summation notation:   (a) 1/2+ 2/3+ 3/4+ 4/5+...+10/11     (b) 2/1+ 22/2+23/3+24/4+...+210/10   Show all step by step work to the solution of the problem. Also give the... more
Summation Sports


How many possible outcomes in an NBA season? (Explained further below)

This isn't a homework question but I'd still be interested to know the answer and how you get the answer. I'm a big basketball/NBA fan, I'm wondering how many possible outcomes in a season there... more


Summation - Exponential series

S = 1+3/1!+5/2!+7/3!......to infinity   a)e b)2e c)3e d)e-1
Summation Maths


Sequence and series

If n     i     jΣ    Σ    Σ 1= 220i=1 j=1 k=1   Then find the value of n
Summation Maths


Sequence and series

The value of n(sigma)i=1 i(Sigma)j=1 j(Sigma)k=1 =220, then the value of n is    (*Sigma here is the summation sign)  The options are  11,12,10,9


Sequence and series

Let a = 111....1 (55 digits), b= 1+10+10^2..+10^4, c= 1+ 10^5 +10^10 + 10^15 +..... +10^50, then which of the following is correct :   1) a=b+c 2)a=bc 3) b=ac 4) c=ab


Summation x=2 to 14, (-7x^2-9x-9) Left Riemann using 2 triangles.

Find the value of the Left Riemann using 2 rectangles.


Diverges or converges?

(infinity symbol) ∑ (n^2)/(5n^2+4) n=1   How do you know if it diverges. Please explain step by step. 

Finding a closed form for these summations?

Find a closed form for these summations?     n=100 a) ∑ 1/2    i=1           n=5b)  ∑ 1/3     i=1


Write each series with summation notation


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