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Printing Writing Book


Is there a standardized size for Books?

I noticed that my softcover/paperback books are all roughly the same size, but have slight differences.Are there standardized sizes (and are they different between US and Europe, just as US Letter... more
Printing Linux Bash Skip


Print a file skipping first X lines in Bash?

I have a very long file which I want to print but skipping the first 1e6 lines for example. I look into the cat man page but I did not see any option to do this. I am looking for a command to do... more
Printing Microsoft Word


Can you make MS Word display a black background with white text, but print the inverse?

I am documenting some software in MS Word. I want white text on black background when viewing on the computer (it saves eyes and power), but I want black text on white background to save ink in... more

Two-page view in Word, shouldn't the first page be on the right?

Greetings Superusers,I'm putting together a lengthy document in Word, and it's going to be printed and bound duplex. I've put page-numbers "outside" etc, and all is pretty.The problem is, in the... more
Printing Microsoft Word


How can I print out 20 individual Word documents at once?

I need to print out 20 individual Word documents. I don't want to open each up and click Print.Can I somehow print all at once?
Printing Python Zen Stderr


How to print to stderr in Python?

There are several ways to write to stderr: # Note: this first one does not work in Python 3 print >> sys.stderr, "spam" sys.stderr.write("spam\ ") os.write(2, b"spam\ ") ... more

Photoshop only prints in B&W on Pixma Pro 9000, MK2?

One week ago I purchased the Canon Pixma Pro 9000, mk2. Using photoshop, every print I printed, up to today, was breathtakingly beautiful in all sizes. 8x10,11x14,13x19's looked like you could... more


Photoshop and Mac not printing correct size?

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