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Scale drawings in Illustrator, maintain proportions of line weights and effects?

My problem is that when I scale down my drawing, the line weights stay the same, blotting out the artwork. If I scale up, the line weights become too thin. I've noticed that parametric effects... more


What exactly is a "Pixel"?

Pixel always confuses me whenever I do web banner work. I use CorelDraw x5 for my work. I usually prefer to use inches rather than pixels as inches are much intuitive for me. But when I do an "Inch... more

InDesign: Faster way to resize image in frame?

I'm using Adobe InDesign (CC 2014) to layout a photo book. I've created a frame, and placed an image inside it. I want to resize the image and drag it around to frame it nicely.I know that you can... more

How to fit text box size to text?

I want to fit the artboard to selected art (two text boxes) - the text boxes are larger than the text inside them - how do I fit (shrink) them to wrap tightly around my text?Illustrator version - CS5

How to change artboard size in AI CS6?

Sorry can't find this simple feature. I was asked for document size at creation time but don't know how to change this later.


Is it possible to specify width in pixels for multiple objects at the same time in Illustrator CS5?

Illustrator has the 'Transform Each' dialog, but it only allows you to scale multiple objects by specifying a percentage. Is there any way to specify the size in pixels?More specifically, imagine I... more


How to save pictures for websites?

I put HD pictures on my website and it takes a lot of time for them to load. I've then tried re-saving them using Photoshop CC as jpeg and choosing 1 in the compression scale (going from 1 to 12).... more


Batch resize images to a particular ratio without cropping?

I'm looking for a way to batch resize photos to a particular ratio without cropping. For example, if I have pictures with 2x3 ratio which is default for my camera and I want to print it with 5x7... more

Illustrator: Resize Artboard With Objects Inside?

I've been looking everywhere, and cannot find my answer so I wanted to ask here. I know how to re-size my artboard in Illustrator and all that, but I cannot get my artboard to re-size with objects... more

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