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How am I going to write the next chapter? I'm stuck

Chapter one

“Where are you?” resounded through the mansion’s hallways. Sabrina Woodall’s brow furrowed as she walked through the mansion. She called again but heard only her echo and the quietness that followed it. Her husband Keith’s usual response never came and Sabrina shouted louder and louder perhaps to combat the eerie silence. Suddenly a yell reverberated farther down the hallway she was on. The cracked voice was not of someone she knew, yet Sabrina felt an odd happiness from hearing the voice of a stranger. 

“Please, I beg you for food and shelter!” the voice said. Sabrina turned into the room of the voice and saw an old man kneeling on the floor, grasping his hands. He looked like he could never harm a fly, and he looked very fragile, as though he was going to topple over any second now. Keith was directly in front of him, with a stern look on his face. He shook his head vigorously side to side.

A pause. Then Keith breathed deeply, then replied, “I know what you have done. I cannot let such an unlawful criminal in my house towards my wife and my son. Leave. Now.” The old man, without hesitating, he answered, “Fool!”

Then the old man held the stone carefully from the table as though it was made of gold, and it seemed genuinely pure to him, and whispered something that they both could not hear into the stone. The stone began to glow and shine, as if it was really the sun, and power seemed to be coming out of it.

“Do you know what this is?” the hoary man said in a calmer and deeper voice as Keith shook his head. “It's about time you know.” he answered in a fierce and deep tone.

All of a sudden, mist began spiraling, and surrounding them. Sabrina screamed as the fog drowned it in. The steam had covered them completely; they could not see a thing. Then nightfall fenced them in. They were inside the stone. Not a word was spoken between them.

Then the cracked voice spoke: “ Only your son can break the curse. Destroy the stone and you will be free.”

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