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What is the difference between pasting an image into InDesign or placing the image?

It seems like both of these work but pasting is easier. Why would I place the image instead?

How do I design my own book cover?

Some of my friends say i need to learn Photoshop, others say I have to learn illustrator, and then there is InDesign for publishing books, right? So how does someone know which to learn and how to... more


What is the right software to use for my project?

I have a vision for a project, but what are the right tools for the job? There are so many creative programs out there, which is the right one for me to use?For example, I'm heading up a marketing... more
Adobe Indesign


Children's Book Formatting on InDesign

Hello, I'm seeking help for formatting a 450 word children's picture book on Adobe InDesign. Specially, I'd like help with placing images, understanding bleeds, and formatting and enhancing text.... more
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How can I dynamically attach a scripting label to a newly created item in basil.js?

Is there a way to add scripting labels to PageItems that are created in code, i.e. without using the Scripting Label panel? My code looks like this: var tf = b.text("Hello World", 200, 200,... more
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Best way of creating graphics-heavy, cross-platform, eBooks?

I have been working on converting graphics and layout heavy books (created in Adobe InDesign) into cross-platform eBooks with non-standard functionality (embedded video, audio, interactivity,... more
Adobe Indesign Indesign


Convert indesign output to html5?

I want to write a viewer that convert in-design output format to html5 format and all the user design in adobe indesign can display in browser but i do not know which output is suitable for me, i... more
Adobe Indesign Indesign Javascript Events


Indesign scripting: How to add color to the dialog staticTexts?

Currently developing a script for indesign CS6, using javascript. I am looking for a way to add color to the labels in a dialog ui, The sample code is as follows var myDialog =... more
Adobe Indesign Indesign


Convert auto page numbers special character to actual value in InDesign document?

I need to go through an InDesign document a convert all the auto page number special characters to their actual value. So on each page, find a auto page number symbol and replace it with the value... more
Adobe Indesign Graphic Design Book Resize


InDesign: Faster way to resize image in frame?

I'm using Adobe InDesign (CC 2014) to layout a photo book. I've created a frame, and placed an image inside it. I want to resize the image and drag it around to frame it nicely.I know that you can... more
Adobe Indesign Navigation Indesign Pdf


Making a button in indesign go to a specific page in exported PDF?

In InDesign I can define buttons and can add different actions to them. One of these actions is "go to page", but apparently that function is only usable when exporting the InDesign document as an... more
Adobe Indesign Adobe


How can I create a responsive email design in Adobe InDesign?

Adobe Indesign Adobe


What are the pink and purple lines in InDesign?

Adobe Indesign Javascript Indesign


Why does closing a window in Indesign doesn't work?

I have a question concerning Indesign script. Why does it work, when you close a window like: submitButton.onClick = function(){ close(); } But when I try to execute a function afterwards... more


add property to object?

With Indesign scripting, why can't I add properties to an object? I get an error > Object does not support the property or method 'foo' items = b.items(b.layer("s_labels")); for (var i =... more
Adobe Indesign Indesign Text Extraction


Access Adobe InDesign files?

I need some directions for the following problem: I have a lot of InDesign files and i have to setup a process that will track if a certain paragraph or text block has changed between diferent... more
Adobe Indesign Adobe


Is there is any advantage using Adobe InDesign?

Adobe Indesign Indesign Xml Hyperlink


adding hyperlinks to indesign?

I'm fairly new to Adobe Indesign, but I'm ok with various coding languages. I want to create a web-based document that lists some products and product descriptions with each product description... more


Run event listener only once after saving InDesign document?

I have a script _(that I did not write)_ that has a `app.addEventListener('afterOpen', addVariables);` event in it (addVariables being the name of the function). I altered it to be... more
Adobe Indesign Javascript Indesign Regex


Regex defined outside of for loop not working?

Long time user, first time asker; very new to regular expressions. I'm a designer trying to make my life in InDesign easier, so please be patient if this is an easy one :) I'm working on a script... more
Adobe Indesign Javascript Arrays Indesign


Remove items from one array if not in the second array?

I state that I have tried for a long time before writing this post. For an InDesign script, I'm working with two array of ListItems. Now I'm trying to remove the items of one array that aren't in... more


InDesign or Illustrator for package design?

I was debating with my students this week about which software to submit their files in for my package design class. A few advantages of InDesign I see are as follow: - The capability of creating... more
Adobe Indesign Java Indesign Adobe


How to create our own plugins in adobe indesign?

I want to create my own plugin, Is there any tutorial available. I want to do it in java. Thanks in Advance.


How to get Illustrator export into shortcut?

I am an avid InDesign user and a big fan of shortcuts. In InDesign you can use the shortcut <kbd>cmd</kbd>+<kbd>E</kbd> to export items within InDesign but this feature is... more

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