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How do you find the area of a parallelogram with four given vertices?

Find the area of the parallelogram with vertices at (3, -3), (13, -5), (4, -15), and (14, -17).


Calculus Question about rate of a changing base

The altitude (i.e., height) of a triangle is increasing at a rate of 2.5 cm/minute while the area of the triangle is increasing at a rate of 5 square cm/minute. At what rate is the base of the... more
Area Curve


Find the area between the curve y=cos(𝑥) and the x-axis, between x=0 and x=2π.

Find the area between the curve y=cos(𝑥) and the x-axis, between x = 0 and x = 2π. 4 0 π 2

what is the length of all three sides

A triangle poster has a perimeter of 64 inches. The longest side is 4 inches more than twice the shortest side. The medium length side is 5 inches less than twice the shortest. Find the length of... more

*Calculus Need Help ASAP Pls!* Find the area between the graph of ...

Find the area between the graph of  and the x-axis for the interval (0, ∞). Your work must include the proper notation and show the antiderivative. If the integral diverges, show why.


Trigonometry Problem about the Area of a triangle (given one side and two angles)

Find the area of (triangle) TRI if TR=10cm, m∠T=105°and m∠R=30°


Bojangles has a rectangular-shaped roof with a width of 〖6x〗^2 feet and a length 〖12x〗^3. What is the area of the roof?

I am in Algebra 1 and I really don't understand this part at all.



A homeowner uses four wooden beams to build the perimeter of a rectangular deck. Each wooden beam has an equal length of x feet. He uses two beams for two sides of the deck, and he cuts off 2 feet... more


Find the area by solving algebraically

The length of the rectangle is 14 less than three times it’s width. If it’s perimeter is 92 feet, find it’s area.


Trigonometry — Finding the area of a polygon inscribed in a circle

A regular nonagon is inscribed in a circle with a radius spanning 5 cm. Find the perimeter of P and area A of the nonagon.


z score in statistics

Find the Z score that most closely corresponds to an area of 0.379 on the left.


Area/volume geometry word problem

A right square prism four feet tall drops snugly through a ten inch square hole. The contents of the prism must be transferred to a right circular cylinder that must barley fit through the same... more


Find the area bounded of the following curve.

y= x2 - 4x and y= -x2 + 2x


Please show solution po :(

Find the area bounded of the following curve.y=x2 - 1 , y= -x+2 , x=0 , x=1


Expressing area of an rectangle in polynomial standard form

The width is 5+X and the length is x+6


Equilateral Triangle Area

The height of an equilateral triangle is 98 ft how do I solve


Algebra Homework help

Question: You have a rectangular prism ( with square bases) of cheese. You slice it diagonally in half. The length of the cheese is represented by the equation -5x2+3x+2=0. You also know that the... more
Area Circle Radius


How much does the area of the original circle increase?

A circle has a radius of A meters. If the radius doubles,how much does the area of the original circle increase?


Geometry/math problem

How much of the field is being watered ?-It's a rectangle-it's 92 circles inside-diameter is d=50ftarea of the rectangle (550ft x350ft=192,500) minus the area of the circle,then divide.


Help me out ! Calculus question

Find the  area inside the outer loop and outside the inner loop of the limacon r = 4 sin θ - 2

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