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Parallelogram Geometry


how do i find the value of c if the figure is a paraelogram

Parallelogram Geometry


Find the coordinates of D in the parallelogram

Given parallelogram ABCD with A (2,10), B(4,6) and C(1,1). Give the coordinates of vertex D.
Parallelogram Geometry


Find AD in the parallelogram

In parallelogram ABCD, if AB= 5x-3 and DC= 2x+9, and AD= x^2 + x, find AD.
Parallelogram Geometry


Find the measure in the parallelogram

In parallelogram GRAM, m<RAG= 2x+20, m<MAG =4(3x-1), and m<MGA= 2x^2+5x. Find m<GMA.
Parallelogram Geometry


Find x, y, and AI in the parallelogram

In parallelogram KASI, the diagonals AI and KS intersect at P. If KP=2x, PS= y-1, AP= 2y-1, and IP= 2x+3, find x, y, and AI.
Parallelogram Calculus Area


How do you find the area of a parallelogram with four given vertices?

Find the area of the parallelogram with vertices at (3, -3), (13, -5), (4, -15), and (14, -17).
Parallelogram Linear Algebra Vectors


Vector Parallelogram Question

If a parallelogram has diagonals described by the vectors x = (5, 4) and y = (3, −2), what are the sides v and w of that parallelogram?


A parallelogram of it's two adjacent side is 3 and 7 find length of it's small diagonal?

AB-3 and BC-7 then AC-?
Parallelogram Find The Length Of Sides


Find the length of the two adjacent sides of the pallelogram.

The length of one side of a parallelogram is 3 more than twice the length of the adjacent sides. The perimeter of the parallelogram is 30cm. Find the lengths of the two adjacent sides of the... more
Parallelogram Geometry Proof


Quadrilateral ARMY with A(p,q) R(0,0) M(r,0) and Y(p+r, q). Prove: ARMY is a parallelogram

It can't be in a graph and has to be in the statement-reason format. I'll need the equations used as well


For what values of x and y must this quadrilateral be a parallelogram? Find length of the sides. 4x = top, 6y = right, 3y+19 is bottom, and 2x +4 is the left.

How to determine x and y values in the sides of a quadrilateral for it to be a parallelogram.
Parallelogram Congruent Triangles


ABCD is a parallelogram. Explain why ABC is congruent to ACD

 Explain: why triangles ABC and ACD are congruent in a parallelogramn. The parallelogramm is ABCD
Parallelogram Algebra Triangle Linear


Find the area of the parallelogram determined by these four points

Let A = (4, 2, -4), B = (0, 1, -1), C = (5, 7, 0), and D = (1, 6, 3). Find the area of the parallelogram determined by these four points, the area of the triangle ABC, and the area of the triangle... more

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