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How do I create a link to a location in a page, when sections are accordion collapsed using CSS?

The page is divided into different categories which can be collapsed (accordion), and using the regular <a href> does not work. That only works when linking to a location in the same section... more


Microsoft Visual Studio - Unable to start program Win32 application - Error Message???

Hello,I cannot seem to check my html/css code in my web browser anymore. I keep getting the same error message even after I rebuild it in a new page. Do you have a tip on how to fix this?Error... more
Html Sql


I have developed this but email goes blank but actualy there is data in the table?? below i have excluded try catch block

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[spReportDataSync_log]ASBEGIN declare @last date = DATEADD(DAY, (DATEDIFF(DAY, 4, GETDATE()) / 7) * 7-7 , 4) declare @current date = DATEADD(DAY ,7, @last) DECLARE... more

How to check if an Object has a Property

Suppose we have the following javascript object: var... more
Html Web Design


I have created a form on html coding and im really blank on how to get the input data in a data base bellow is the program i coded now i want its input from the website to be stored in a excel file

<section id="contact" > <div class="container"> <div class="row"> <div class="sec-title text-center wow animated... more

Simple Adder HTML JavaScript

Create the form structure shown in Figure 2, below. Write a JavaScript function according to the following requirements. A user should be allowed to enter two numbers in text boxes. When a user... more

JavaScript Form Validation

4. Create the form structure shown in Figure 2, below. Write a JavaScript function according to the following requirements. A user should be allowed to enter his/her Fist name in a text box and... more

Javascript functions

Write a JavaScript function to calculate difference of square values of two numbers passed as function arguements and to display the absolute value of it in an alert box.<script> function... more

CSS - Selecting the first bold word of all paragraphs

write the required external CSS rules for the following : Set the font size and font style , of the first bold word of all the paragraphs in a document into 14px and italic respectively.

JavaScript Form Validation

Question :Create the form structure shown below and write a JavaScript function satisfy the followingrequirements. The Name and the email address are required fields while entering data. Number... more

HTML Checkboxes

How do we create a checkbox of the following format in HTML?Colors (checkbox icon) red (checkbox icon) green (checkbox icon) redI could only do it as folows :Colors (checkbox... more


javascript is usefull?

can i learn javascript for my carrier 2019
Html Logic Jquery


Find the number of lines in a div?

I want to show 'View All' kind of link, only when the lines in the div has reached 4 lines. **HTML** <div>, ATOM_DFP_Pub_LI,... more
Html Syntax


What Is syntax in HTML?



What are valid values for the id attribute in HTML?

When creating the `id` attributes for HTML elements, what rules are there for the value?


How do you embed a youtube video on an html page on top of an image in Dreamweaver?

I just want to simply embed a Youtube video in a specific position on the page. But the only way to embed the video is to push down one of the images and put the video beside it. I want the video... more


Is there an easy way to find broken HTML code in Dreamweaver?

Is there an easy way to find broken HTML code in Dreamweaver? I've got an issue and I keep loosing count. Is there a Dreamweaver trick to this?


How do I add a tool tip to a span element?

In the following code, I want a tool-tip to come up when the user hovers the span, how do I do that? I don't want to use any links. <span> text </span>


What is the difference between properties and attributes in HTML?

After the changes made in jQuery 1.6.1, I have been trying to define the difference between properties and attributes in HTML.Looking at the list on the <a... more


utf-8 / utf-16 conversion?

When I design a html page in Dreamweaver CS6 I use its validation tool (it sends the code to w3c) and I get no errors. However, when I validate the same page in UltraEdit 21 (it uses HTML Tidy) I... more


What does "for" attribute do in HTML <label> tag?

I wonder what is the difference between the following two code snippets: <label>Input here : </label> <input type='text' name='theinput' id='theinput'/>and <label... more


Remove border from IFrame?

How do I remove the border from an `iframe` embedded in my web app? An example of the `iframe` is: <iframe src="myURL" width="300" height="300">Browser not compatible.</iframe>I... more


CSS metaphysics: WHY is page vertical alignment so difficult?

Relative to the page, horizontal alignment in CSS is easy - a `margin:0 auto` gets you by much of the time, and a `text-align:center` for some other cases.My question to the gurus is not how to... more


Set the value of an input field?

How would you set the default value of a form `<input>` text field in JavaScript?


Converting user input string to regular expression?

I am designing a regular expression tester in HTML and JavaScript. The user will enter a regex, a string, and choose the function they want to test with (e.g. search, match, replace, etc.) via... more
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