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Comments File .js Variables String manipulation Date/Time manipulation* Conditions:   - If statements   - Switch case Loops:   - While   - Do while   - For Arrays:   -... more


Website structure and layout

True, html is a main body for all websites, but is the a right or wrong way to do it?Anewer is yes. Anyone can start a basic html markup, but unless you know the schema or all the tags needed, your... more


Help with HTML Pagination

Hello.I'm new to HTML and have setup a website and would like to use pagination as there is a lot of content on one page already and I'd like to split the content up among individual pages (e.g.,... more

Write a web page with JavaScript code that solves the equation

Write a web page with JavaScript code that solves the equation x-2y+3z=0within the domain x∈[1,5], y∈[6,10], z∈[3,7] where x, y, and z are integers.


What text editor do you recommend?


comparing php array in while loop

I'm trying to get this while loop to compare the users selection in $brandSel which is assigned via a comboboxto an array value $phoneBrand which is assigned from reading out a text file. But it... more


Compare userNumber with compareNumber and display 'Numbers are not equal' if the numbers are different. Then, display 'Variables are identical' if the variables are identical (strictly equal).

Code provided to complete the assignment: let compareNumber = 3; // Code will be tested with: 3, 8, 42let userNumber = '3'; // Code will be tested with: '3', 8, 'Hi'Code I have so far:if... more


how to make a page i know .. come on

so it's not about the advice to create a page, no and yes, but it depends on what meaning becausebecause I'm not green;)nextthe point is that the page should be one terminal using css html maybe... more
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I am stuck with the followin question below. Please help!

What is true about the <tt>mysql_*</tt> family of PHP functions?a. Failing to eventually call <tt>mysql_close()</tt> will cause MySQL to deadlock when the connection is... more


What are better SEO options for HTML?

Using these in your elements can help highlight key parts that you want to be pinpointed. <div itemref="article"> Some article content here </div> <h1 itemid="author"... more


how do i make this using flex boxes

i dont know how to add a picture so I just shared a google dochttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1Zp652LWtYEYp6rtOMvY1R7ox7aASHXB0Z_QV2CGIUgc/edit?usp=sharing


I want to create App

Hello Sir and Madam I purchased and modified A PhP ( Laravel Scripts) .I wan to Create app of that Please Help me.I Created Frontend Of App in Flutter But I don't Know How to Connect My PHP Script... more
Html Vue.js


vue dialog in vuetify

in talent.vue <template> <div> <list> <template v-slot:card> <formCard :visible="showScheduleForm"... more
Html Cis 145


CIS 145 Term Project: Your Resume Website Project Requirements

Project Requirements (100 marks)PurposeTo design, develop, and publish a web site on your resume using recommended design practices. Your web site will contain a home page and at least... more


How can I add a clickable link to this 3D floating box in html/css?

On this 3d box i made: https://www.lifetimereserve.co/splash/I want to the be able to click the red text that says "lifetime" that is on the front face of the spinning cube. When I add the link to... more
Html Class


What is the difference between the ‘id’ attribute and the ‘class’ attribute of HTML elements?

Multiple elements in HTML can have the same class value, whereas a value of the id attribute of one element cannot be associated with another HTML element.


How do i Apply to become a tutor?

I want to help and teach students with all their homework, test, quizzes or upcoming exams.


What is the shortest way to create a working clock in Javascript?

What is the shortest way to create a working clock in Javascript? I want to create a clock that shows hour, minute, and second. Basically, the user to see his local time on the browser. Please show... more
Html Javascript


Beginner JavaScript / HTML Question

Hi, I just started learning JavaScript and HTML. I'm trying to make a message appear in the span with ID "message" when a button is clicked two different ways, first using JavaScript and also using... more


How to create an html file in linux terminal?

Can you explain how to create an HTML file in a Linux terminal?


How do I put the prices for the toppings, pizza size, and drinks in HTML and Javascript code?I used the radio button for the pizza toppings (Pineapple, Cheese, and Black Olives) and pizza sizes... more


Redirect to other page if there are no parameters in url, otherwise stay at current page.

I need to redirect from my website if there are no parameters in the url with javascript, html. (redirect with html,js)For example, if a page on my site was example.com/page and if there were... more


If you could make social media better, as a web developer, how would you?

How can you actually make social media more sociable, less toxic, less fraud prone and educative?


My blogger website is not showing main menu

I don't know what's the actual reason, I didn't do any changes just uploaded the template as it is (happythanksgivingsday.blogspot.com)


Shopify websites

I would like to know of tutors who have knowledge coding Shopify websites, if you have knowledge coding Shopify websites, please contact me, thanks.

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