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How can I duplicate smart objects and make them separate in Photoshop CS6?

In **Photoshop** I can copy and paste Illustrator paths as a **smart object**, and then double click this smart object to edit it in **Illustrator**.When I duplicate this smart object (say to... more


Scaling a text box in Illustrator CS6 (without scaling text)?

Ok, I have a fresh Illustrator document. Pasted some copied text into the "artboard" (the clipboard is severely broken, but that's for another day). The textbox that gets pasted is one huge line... more

How can I get LaTeX fonts into Adobe illustrator?

I am currently trying to add equations created with LaTeXiT straight into Adobe Illustrator CS6, but somehow the "font" changes. I've tried scrolling around the Internet to see if I could find out... more

How to add multiple strokes aligned 'outside' to a type layer in Illustrator CS6?

Trying to do something which seems so simple and failing badly. I have created a simple Type layer.I need to add two strokes to the layer. But I would like the stroke to be on the outside of the... more

Gradient Tool is blocked on Illustrator cs6?

My gradient tool on Illustrator cs6 is blocked.It won't let me change color, direction or anything related. The Gradient tool wont even let me click on the gradient, it shows the cursor with a... more


Finding open paths in Adobe Illustrator?

I uploaded a file to a market place but it got rejected. They sent me messages for some modifications and the one modification they want is to close opened paths.How can I find open paths or their... more

Why doesn't the gradient tool appear over the object I've applied it to in Illustrator CS6?

Why doesn't the gradient tool appear over the object I've applied it to in Illustrator CS6? I have to click and hold down to adjust the size of the gradient on an object or just use the gradient... more

Illustrator: How do I copy a gradient (including direction) from one object to another?

I know I can copy a gradient (minus direction) from one object to another, but how do I preserve the direction of the gradient? (I'm using Illustrator CS6)

Is there option to fit square to artboard size in Illustrator?

I constantly create square background which I should adjust to artboard size. Almost every time I miss one or two pixels (Retina is good for that), so I looked for one-click feature "click object... more


How to open a multiple page PDF file as artboards in Illustrator CS6?

I'm trying to open a PDF file with 7 pages and need to adjust each page in Illustrator CS6. How do I open the PDF file in one single AI files with all artboards within it?

How can I get illustrator to automatically clip the artboard to the vectorized objects size?

I just exported a shape from photoshop as a path and then filled it in illustrator. I now want to save the shape as an svg, or eps but I don't want to save all the excess whitespace around the... more

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