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Replacing a font in many illustrator files?

I have several hundred Illustrator files that are formatted similarly, and for legal reasons I need to replace a font in all of them. Even with the 'Find font' tool, that's a hell of a lot of fonts... more

How to add missing fonts to Adobe Illustrator?

When opening an Adobe Acrobat PDF document on Mac OS X Lion to edit in Adobe Illustrator CS6, I got the message:> The font Helvetica-Narrow-Bold is missing. Affected text will be displayed... more

What is the difference between a font and a typeface?

Originally, the typeface is a particular design of type, while a font is a type in a particular size and weight. In short, a typeface usually gathers many fonts.Nowadays, with the digital design of... more


Why can I see a font even if it is not installed?

I do not have **Seravek** font installed on my system. My client sent a Microsoft Word document with contents using this font. When I select the text, it shows the correct font name i.e. Seravek.... more


What is so good about Helvetica?

For as long as I have known, a majority of designers have been beyond enamoured with Helvetica. While I can see that it's a nice typeface, I really don't understand the hype.Some research into the... more


What is wrong with Comic Sans?

There's [a great TEDxExeter talk](http://youtu.be/Ia55clAtdMs) by a colleague of mine, Simon Peyton-Jones, about the recent advances in the English lower school 'computer science' curriculum. Like... more

Optimum line height in relation to font size?

Is there an agreement on what the optimum mathematical proportion of line height and the size of a text is? And if there is, is it the same for print and web?

What is the difference between a well constructed and a poorly constructed font?

I'm speaking of both, fonts optimised for print, and fonts optimised for screens. Serif and sans-serif doesn't matter. Commercial or free — also doesn't matter.What matters is the quality of the... more

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