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How to distribute an equal amount of space between each object in Photoshop?

I'm using "Distribute Horizontal Centers" in Photoshop, but it might be the wrong tool for the job. I'm guessing Photoshop will be distributing the CENTER of each text object and aligning that, so... more


Align text in exact center (vertically and horizontally) without creating outlines?

In Illustrator, how do you align text in the exact center of a shape for example without creating outlines. If I go to center text using the align palette, Illustrator aligns the text to it's... more
Alignment Microsoft Word


How can text be justified on both the left and right sides of a line in Word?

Is it possible to set Microsoft Word to display some text left-aligned and other text right-aligned on a single line? Here's an example of what I mean (vertical lines represent edges of page): |... more
Alignment Adobe Illustrator


How to align multiple artboards in Adobe Illustrator CS4?

I have a bunch of artboards in a file and I want to align them accurately, like the way I can align graphic objects with Align panel. The alternative is to use a grid and align them manually with a... more


How to align all objects in the center of the artboard using Illustrator?

Is there a shortcut to align all objects in the center of an artboard instead of doing it manually?

How to vertically center text in a box in Illustrator CS5?

How do I vertically center text in a box in Illustrator CS5? I cannot find a way to do that; in InDesign, it's a click away!


How to disable Align to Pixel Grid in Illustrator?

When I create a new document, this option is available, but how to disable it, when the document is already created?1. I can select shapes and disable it via the transform panel but not for newly... more

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