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How to fit text box size to text?

I want to fit the artboard to selected art (two text boxes) - the text boxes are larger than the text inside them - how do I fit (shrink) them to wrap tightly around my text?Illustrator version - CS5


Can you re-number the order of artboards in Illustrator CS4?

I use illustrator with multiple artboards to design website layouts. Often I start at the beginning (what I think is the beginning at the time) and get 15 pages deep. Then I realize that I need to... more

How to align all objects in the center of the artboard using Illustrator?

Is there a shortcut to align all objects in the center of an artboard instead of doing it manually?


How can I get a transparent artboard?

I want to make a text effect and for that I want a transparent background. My question arises from here; how do I get a transparent background? I am using Illustrator CC.


Is there option to fit square to artboard size in Illustrator?

I constantly create square background which I should adjust to artboard size. Almost every time I miss one or two pixels (Retina is good for that), so I looked for one-click feature "click object... more


Is there a way to have InDesign respect the artboard set in Illustrator?

When placing a `*.ai` in InDesign, InDesign auto-crops the frame if part of the Illustrator artboard is empty. Even if I outline the Illustrator artboard with a no-stroke, no-fill rectangle,... more


Create more than one artboard when document is already saved?

I'm already working with an artboard, but i need two more, how can I add additional artboards to my document in Illustrator?

Illustrator: Resize Artboard With Objects Inside?

I've been looking everywhere, and cannot find my answer so I wanted to ask here. I know how to re-size my artboard in Illustrator and all that, but I cannot get my artboard to re-size with objects... more


How can I easily move multiple artboards in Illustrator?

All artboards in my current project are organized according to page and iteration. As I'm adding more and more, I've come to the edge of the workable area in Illustrator.I'd rather not break my... more

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