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Electrostatics Physics Electromagnetism


for this coulomb's law question, why can't i solve by splitting e into Ex and Ey and then combining given Ey is zero? I get an answer 10^-30 instead of 10^-10.

The solution here says to figure it out by using cos theta as a factor, but I don't understand why I cannot just break it up into components? Figure shows two charge particles on an x acis -q on... more
Electrostatics Physics Acceleration


Why can't charged objects exert electrostatic forces on heavier objects?

We know that, for example, amber rubbed with fur attracts bits and pieces of straw, paper, Styrofoam, etc. which are all light objects. Why don't they attract heavier objects, likewise?
Electrostatics Physics Forces


Are the Maxwell's equations enough to derive the law of Coulomb?

Are the 8 Maxwell's equations enough to derive the formula for the electromagnetic field created by a stationary point charge, which is the same as the [law of... more
Electrostatics Physics


How do I get the magnitude and direction of a force experienced by, in this case, the ball at the top?

Three glass ornaments become electrically charged when Noel removed them from the packaging material in their box. If each ornament has acquired a charge of 2.0 E -10, what is the magnitude and... more


if a proton beam is fired into a uniform field, following a parabolic path, what is the acceleration of these protons?

E = 840 N/CThank you!

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