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what is the equation for the law of inertia


Bidirectional jerk motion on a stopping vehicle?

A stopping vehicle (say a car) has an apparent retardation (which may/may not be constant in magnitude) when force via brakes is applied. I travel by subway trains, and I noticed an odd... more


If a hockey puck slides on a perfectly frictionless surface, it will eventually slow down because of its inertia.


Rotational physics problem

a 1.5kg uniform rod of length .75 meters swings from rest around an axis through its end through an angle of 60 degrees. It strikes the center of a small .25 kg ball which sits on the edge of a... more
Inertia Centre Of Mass


momemt of inertia

We have to find moment of inertia of a semi circular disc whose axis of rotation is passing through the centre making an angle k with the diameter and lying in the plane of disc .


A boat starts straight across a river at 35 km/hr. The current pushes the boat downstream at 3.50 km/hr. What is the resultant velocity of the boat?

Test tomorrow and I'm not sure on how to work out the equations, especially velocity. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Physics: What is her momentum of Inertia?

A figure skater can increase her angular velocity from a speed of 2.00 revolutions in 3.00 seconds to 5.00 revolutions in 2.00 seconds by bringing her arms in. If her moment of inertia was 4.60 kg... more


Why does the point mass and the ring have the same formula for computing the moment of inertia

Why does the point mass and the ring have the same formula for computing the moment of inertia?     formula: MR2

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