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7th Grade Math


If only 0.8% of 1200 kids walk to and from school, how many walk?

How do I arrive at the answer?
7th Grade Math


what is the answer to -1/2(3/8)?

how do you find the product and simplify  
7th Grade Math


pg.169 #38 7th grade math book

You mix 2/5 cups of red paint for every 1/4 cup of blue paint to make 1 5/8 gallons of purple paint.   A. How much red paint and blue paint do you use?   B. You decide you want to make lighter... more
7th Grade Math



Pedro and Ivan raced each other in a 24 mile race. After 20 minutes Pedro has traveled 5 miles. Ivan spent the 20 minutes traveling at 16 miles per hour. Which person is in first place after 20... more


Can you explain the distributive property?

I really don't understand the distributive property of multiplication and addition. We are learning about it in school (grade 7) but I just don't understand how it works or how to use it properly.... more
7th Grade Math


write a real world problem that can be modeled by 4×(-7). This is a question on my sons 7th grade math homework...I have no clue how to help him!! Help please!!

Writing a real world problem using a specific problem...IE: 4×(-7) in the question I asked above. My son's school is doing the Common Core curriculum & I'm having a hard time helping him... more
7th Grade Math


4C + 16 =-8

need to model  
7th Grade Math


the width of the vegetable garden is 1/3 times the length of 7 3/4 what is the width

The width of the vegetable garden is 1/3 times its length.  If the length of the garden is 7 3/4 what is the width
7th Grade Math


4.5 - -3.5 =? what is the sum

find the sum  4.5 - -3.5 =? find the difference 4.5 - -3.5 =?
7th Grade Math


find the product: 3/4 x 12

I need  the answer really  fast! the choices are: (A) 1/16 (B) 1/9 (C) 6 (D) 9
7th Grade Math Prealgebra


express the answer from the equation 4x-3 (x-2y)+1/2 (6x-8y) as an equivalent expression in factored form

Express the answer from the equation 4x-3 (x-2y)+1/2 (6x-8y) as an equivalent expression in factored form.
7th Grade Math


how solve a ratio involving a fraction

the ratio of cups of chopped onion to the number of cups of chopped cilantro in salsa is 4:3; if the recipe calls for 2/3 cups chopped onion, how many cups of chopped cilantro are needed?  How do I... more

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